As simple as replacing a piece. With no masonry work or long delays, make place for innovation to achieve greater safety in the bathroom space.

Faced with a new paradigm that prioritizes hygiene, you might be considering adding technology to your bathroom space to avoid hand contact. If you are thinking of incorporating Touchless solutions to your home or small business, you will be pleased to know that you can do it without any masonry work. Roca has developed faucets with presence sensor that are battery-operated, electronic mechanisms to flush your cistern that do not require a power connection and automatic flush valves compatible with most urinal models. Without renovations and in just a few minutes, you can transform your bathroom into a much safer space.

Battery-operated electronic faucets

Replacing a conventional faucet with an electronic one is so simple that you will be surprised by how fast you can bring additional hygiene to your grooming routines. Moreover, you will not require a power connection nearby as the faucets with sensor can also be operated with alkaline batteries. If you opt for a deck-mounted installation, you can choose from the L20-E and L70-E models, with presence sensor in the base, or the  battery-operated electronic faucet Atlas, whose infrared detector is concealed in the spout.

Touchless push-button for the cistern

In order to achieve additional protection in the WC, Roca offers an innovative solution that only requires changing the traditional push-button for an electronic one. The EM1 universal dual flush mechanism activates the cistern thanks to a presence sensor. Thus, with a simple hand movement and without touching any surface, the required amount of water is mobilized to clean the bowl. Compatible with most Roca models with a 40 mm-wide hole for the push-button, the EM1 mechanism is ideal to transform your WC into an electronic toilet.

Electronic flush valve for urinal

In public bathroom spaces such as those found in restaurants, hotels and offices, an electronic flush valve eliminates the use of hands in such a sensitive piece as the urinal. Without having to do any renovations, Sentronic adapts to most vitreous china models with a top water inlet. You will only have to replace the traditional mechanism by this flush valve with presence sensor. Thanks to its battery-operated system, Sentronic works with no power and therefore its installation is even easier.