Small toilet solutions for small bathrooms
InspirationSmall toilet solutions for small bathrooms
In the quest for space efficiency, small toilets can help transform your bathroom into spacious retreats.
Shower screens add style to your bathroom
TipsThe Simple Perfection of a Great Shower Screen
Whether you are renovating your shower or installing a new one, shower screens are key in helping you achieve the ideal outcome.
Storing your articles in drawers is essential to keep your bathroom organised
TipsSix Tips to Keep Your Space Clean and Clutter Free
By reorganizing and selecting the right items, you can take more advantage of the space.
Each toilet provides different advantages | Roca
TipsFinding your perfect WC
Discover ten essential terms you need to know when looking for a new toilet, from close-coupled WCs to soft-close seats.
Create the perfect design for your bathroom space with colour | Roca
InspirationA Touch of Colour
Colour is finding its way into the bathroom space in unexpected and delightful ways
A bathroom furniture unit transforms any space
TipsBathroom Furniture to Gain Space and Style
Not only does it serve as a storage solution, but it also enhances the overall aesthetics, reflecting your unique taste and preferences
Technology and materials blend to create sustainable solutions in your bathroom | Roca
TipsSustainable Solutions in the Bathroom Space
With new technologies and innovative materials, it can easily be transformed into an unexpectedly sustainable haven in your home
Five simple solutions for remodelling the bathroom space. | Roca
TipsFive simple solutions for remodelling the bathroom space.
How to Spruce Up the Bathroom Without Major Renovations
Cala is a single lever bathroom faucet
TipsHow to choose the right basin faucets for your bathroom
Here are the key things to consider when choosing bathroom faucets, including efficiency, durability and style
Accessible bathroom by Roca
InspirationWhy Everyone Needs an Accessible Bathroom
Text by Patricio Martinez and Maximià Torruella. PMMT Arquitectura. Barcelona.
Going green bathroom design by Roca
TipsGoing Green with Design in the Bathroom Space
From light mint to deep hunter, green is a colour of choice for the bathroom design
The Gap bathroom collection
TipsHow to plan a bathroom renovation
Our guide to planning a bathroom renovation and how to get started
Stonex® material for anti-slip shower trays and baths | Roca Life
TipsExploring Stonex®, Roca’s own composite material for anti-slip shower trays and freestanding baths
Textured, smooth and warm to the touch; a unique blend of minerals and resin, perfect for bathtubs and large shower trays.
spa experience with Roca bathtub
InspirationIdeas for creating a spa bathroom experience in your home
A more holistic spa bathroom space can be achieved with subtle design features and elements of nature.
Bathroom storage Roca
TipsCleaning the bathroom. Special Tips you need to Know
No more excuses; start cleaning the bathroom and organising the space today.
roca ohtake basin in black
InspirationOrganic forms and nature for contemporary washbasins
The Ohtake collection offers nature-inspired bathroom décor ideas
bathroom with style by combining textures
InspirationCreating textural patterns and surfaces adds style to the bathroom space
Whether it’s a wall surface or bathroom furniture, there are many ways to add texture for a warmer and more unique décor.
Roca bath for vintage bathroom
InspirationGetting a vintage-inspired bathroom for the 21st century
Materials, colours and accessories can transform a regular bathroom into a stylish, vintage experience.
Guest bathroom ideas
TipsBathroom Ideas for Pampering Your Out-of-Town Visitors
Make your bathroom an oasis of peace during their hectic travel period