REF: A822599900

EM1 - Electronic (touchless) dual flush mechanism


The EM1 electronic mechanism allows the transformation of conventional cisterns with push-button into touchless ones in just a few minutes and without having to do any masonry work. Operated with four AA batteries, it does not require any power connection and guarantees over 40,000 flushes. Moreover, EM1 recognizes the required flush (half or full, adjustable from 2 to 6 liters) depending on the movement of the hand. In this way, if kept firm over the mechanism, the cistern activates a full flush and if the hand moves, the flush volume is partial.

Flushing type: Dual flush 3/4.5 litres


Roca Universal Mechanisms are fully compatible with Roca cisterns and guarantee the perfect functioning of the toilet as well as offer different water saving options.