The latest technologies and exclusive materials for the bathroom

With new technologies and innovative materials, your bathroom can be transformed into an unexpectedly sustainable space in your home. From crafted materials to the most innovative technologies, find out the solutions that best suit the style and needs of your bathroom.


Other product technologies innovation

A highly durable finish which adds a touch of elegance to accesories, faucets and shower heads.

Rimless® bowls are free of angles or nooks for accessible and more efficient cleaning.

Thanks to Roca Rimless® Vortex, water forms a 360-degree swirling flow on the bowl’s surface.

Moving forward. At Roca, we want to test the limits of hygiene and technology. Now we take another step further.

The signature innovation by Roca. In-Wash® Insignia features the In-Tank® technology, a signature innovation by Roca, where the water tank is integrated in the bowl. In-Tank® maximises available space, unifying aesthetics and practicality in the bathroom.

Enhance your toilet's cleaning capabilities by transforming it into a shower toilet or harness the power of technology by turning it into a smart toilet.

Roca Connect is a cloud-based smart bathroom solution that digitises and simplifies water management in public buildings by networking every appliance under a single intuitive dashboard and app.