Multiclean® M-Series

Today's technology, for everyone

Enhance your toilet's cleaning capabilities by transforming it into a shower toilet or harness the power of technology by turning it into a smart toilet. Enter our Multiclean® range: designed to fit into most of our existing toilets with remarkable sleekness.

Multiclean® is Roca’s best bet to make the smart toilet experience more accessible with shower seats.
This hybrid solution can be installed in most of Roca's regular toilets transforming their functionalities distinguishing them from a regular toilet. After all, enhancing a toilet should not mean sacrificing design.
With a focus on aesthetics and user requirements, the new Multiclean® M-Series is a way to make shower toilets or smart toilets available to even more households whatever their needs or lifestyle.
With the Multiclean® M-Series your toilet can become something greater.

Multiclean® M-Series functions

Discover the main features and functions of the different Multiclean® M-Series shower seats models

The Multiclean® M4 is what you need to turn your regular WC into a fully fledged smart toilet with IoT connectivity through Roca Connect and the mobile app. Enjoy a totally configurable smart toilet with:

✓ The ultimate drying technology: Coanda Effect.

✓ Front and rear wash self-cleaning nozzle with UV light.

✓ A better cleaning result for rear wash with Airtech technology mixing air in the water.

✓ Usage data and consumption insights on your phone with Roca Connect.

✓ A dedicated app to control every aspect of the experience.

✓ Heated seat versions for the most comfortable experience.

✓ Soft close of cover and seat to avoid harm and noise.

✓ Quick release lid for easy cleaning.

Multiclean® Serie M


M4 - Round shape

391 x 500 x 90