Discover a much safer way to enjoy your bathroom. We present a catalogue of solutions equipped with sensors to avoid contact and the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

As we know you demand greater safety in the bathroom space, at Roca we have developed innovative devices that guarantee maximum hygiene without touching any surface. With high-precision motion sensors, faucets, mirrors and flushing mechanisms eliminate the need of contact with hands to protect you from the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Be prepared to activate the Touchless systems with a simple gesture and open your home to a practical technology that looks out for your health at home.

Wash your hands without any risk

With a simple movement of the hand in front of the motion sensor, electronic faucets activate the water flow and cut it off when they do not detect any presence. A highly hygienic solution that, in addition to preventing contact with possible microorganisms, reduces the unnecessary use of water.

With a sensor integrated in their base, the L20-E and L70-E faucets are installed on the deck of the basin. Choose the design that best adapts to your bathroom space and do not worry if there is no power outlet nearby, as there is the option of battery operation.  In order to obtain a water flow, bring your hand close to the presence detector and without having to touch any surface, the faucet will provide the necessary flow. Moreover, the sensor will block the faucet 60 seconds after its activation, preventing involuntary uses. If you prefer an electronic faucet with a sensor that is integrated in the spout because you intend to install it with an in countertop or over countertop basin, opt for Atlas-E. There are two models to choose from: with cold or premixed water at a temperature you will be able to set during installation.

Install a cistern that flushes on its own

Activate the cistern flush with the presence sensors of the EP1, EP2 or PL10-E operating plates. With their fine design that hardly sticks out from the wall, the electronic operating plates can be adjusted to automatically start the flush once a user approaches or a certain time after the use of the WC.

The black glass surface of EP1 provides an innovative touch to the design of your bathroom space. Its two oval-shaped stripes light up alternately depending on the required amount of water and you can customize them in your preferred color: orange, purple, blue or green. In a more minimalistic proposal, the backlit white glass surface of EP2 has two fine lines that light up alternately, in accordance with the flush volume and in this case you may choose between a yellow and blue color. On the other hand, the PL10-E operating plate combines push button and front sensor in rounded shapes in two sizes that make it easier to identify the required level of water.

Transform your WC into a Touchless system

You will be surprised to discover that you do not require a renovation to adapt your home to the Touchless technology. You only need to replace the conventional cistern of the WC with an electronic flushing mechanism, EM1, and in a few minutes you will enjoy an automatic system. Move your hand over the motion sensor and you will obtain the necessary amount of water to clean the bowl. Compatible with most Roca models with hole for the 40 mm push-button, EM1 does not require a power connection because it is operated with batteries.

Light up your mirror with a single movement

Surrender to the pleasure of simplifying your grooming routines with a mirror that lights up without contact. You only need to move your hand below it and the sensors of Prisma confort will light up the upper LED and the lower ambient light. And to avoid the hassle of demisting it after showering, you can activate the demister device with another motion sensor, making sure it always looks impeccable.

Your health partners at home, Roca’s Touchless devices are here to stay and provide solutions that adapt to new demands in terms of safety and hygiene.