Surrender to Savana and to its natural proposal to have everything at arm’s length, a subtle and elegant rustic solution you can combine with auxiliary bathroom furniture.

The touch of tree bark, the smell of a freshly cut trunk, the sound of branches in the wind… Warm and fresh at the same time, the wooden bathroom countertops bring together the essence of nature, with all nuances of this noble material present in every inch of the woods, in every corner of jungles and rain forests. Featuring a timeless charm, the new Savana wooden countertops appear as a sensorial and inspiring proposal, while also being versatile and resistant. Choose them in oak or white color, combine them with a wide range of basins and see how they do not suffer from contact with water, thanks to the high quality of their finishes.

Savana wooden bathroom countertops: a surface both natural and resistant

A wooden countertop can bring nature to your bathroom only by touching it, surrounding you with those comforting sensations that make their way through the everyday hassle. Incredibly warm, the Savana collection can also help you to pursue peace and tranquility with its unique handcrafted solutions.

If you are searching for a fresh style that lasts throughout time, opt for these wooden bathroom countertops that masterfully bring together simplicity and functionality. Available in lengths that range from 600 to 1400 mm, both the natural veining of textured City Oak and Gloss White exude elegance, the latter filling the basin area with brightness. Not only with brightness, but also with the most demanding performance as the Savana countertops are extraordinarily resistant to the action of water and humidity.

Countertops for basins: endless possibilities with up to 10 collections

If you intend to install a double basin, or one single and beautiful over countertop basin, Savana will surprise you with its capacity to adapt exactly to what you need. Play with its different dimensions and combine this versatile wooden countertop with up to 10 collections of the most varied styles and configurations.

Try combining Savana with the delicate basins in Fineceramic® of the Beyond and Inspira collections or with the imposing four-sided solutions of Diverta, Khroma, Hall and Sofia. You can also opt for Alter and its different shapes with or without shelf, as well as with the round basins of Bol, Fuego and Terra.

Bathroom countertops with towel rail or with auxiliary bathroom units… Choose the complete set

If you wish to increase the possibilities offered by the Savana countertops for your bathroom renovation, you can add a Nuova towel rail in 300 to 600 mm to their wide range of dimensions.  Have your favorite towels and toiletries on hand in a solution that will conquer you with its inventiveness showing you all the functionality offered by open bathroom furniture units.

If you prefer to combine exposed items with well-stored and ranged contents, try complementing your countertop with auxiliary bathroom units. Available in Gloss White like Savana, the Suma auxiliary units are the perfect option to install under the basin, while the column units from a wide range of collections can be coordinated with City Oak if you choose the simplest finish.