Curved or angular lines intertwine in a wide range of Roca basins that will claim their prominence in your bathroom.

With subtlety and elegance, the over countertop basin is a modern and innovative option that attracts all the attention to vitreous china without disregarding the surface it combines with. Since it emerges completely, the basin not only displays its pure silhouette, but those sinuous or angular lines manage to masterfully outline the countertop. You may choose from a rectangular, square or round basin and start organizing in plain view… your toiletries or whatever you wish to display.

Alter. Over counter basin with or without shelf

If what attracts you more of an over countertop basin is the functional surface that complements it, you will be delighted by the original shelfs found in the unquestionably attractive models of the Alter basins. Both in the circular and rectangular basin you will find a shelf on the sides of the faucet to place soap, toothpaste or those little things you need most.


Beyond. Over countertop colored basins

Two dimensions and six possible finishes to display vitreous china in all its splendor, along with the resistance of Fineceramic® so that you can decorate your over countertop basin in the color that best identifies you. Be conquered by the exclusive design with sophisticated lines of Beyond, available as a rectangular or square basin in a wide range of colors: White, Off White, Pearl, Beige, Coffee and Onyx.

Beyond Onyx

Inspira. Customized over countertop basin

Finally, in the Inspira collection, Fineceramic® shapes fine basins in three different outlines: Round, Square (angular) and Soft (with soft contours). You can choose from two different dimensions, depending on the available space in your bathroom or the usable space you want on the countertop.