Roca's Touchless solutions join One Hundred Restrooms' concept with a new vision on safety and hygiene in shared spaces.

Caring for people means being committed to the wellbeing of today and tomorrow, it also means remaining attentive to the needs and challenges of a changing society. When One Hundred restrooms, together with Roca, decided to revolutionize the way of understanding public bathrooms, it shaped an innovative concept based on comfort, safety and technology that can be considered a benchmark today in different European cities. Bathroom spaces that combine design and innovative proposals that guarantee maximum safety in common areas and serve as an example of what will be the future –or the present- of a connected bathroom.

“The experiences we collect in these public spaces are incorporated directly into the development of our connected products. A complete assortment that will be of high value also for semi-public and private spaces”, says Juan Diego Jiménez Corporate Product Manager IOT Solutions.

Hand in hand with Roca’s touchless solutions, these bathrooms include products that prevent direct hand contact avoiding thereby the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Thus, Loft electronic faucets combine design and safety by activating the water flow with an infrared sensor integrated in the spout.

Considered one of the most sensitive areas of the bathroom, toilets, on the other hand, feature EP1 electronic operating plates that activate the flush when perceiving the movement of the hand, without having to be touched.

Finally, in urinals, the Sentronic electronic flush valve is built into the wall and allows the flush to be programmed to activate when it detects any presence or automatically after every use.

Understood as a complementary service to conventional restrooms, the bathroom spaces of One Hundred restrooms are installed in large retail areas, gas stations or airports in large cities and are aimed at those people who demand a premium service in which they can feel fully safe and comfortable.  In order to achieve this, the proposal adds other Roca solutions that stand out like the In-Wash® Smart Toilet, Inspira over countertop basins manufactured in Fineceramic® and wall-hung WCs with Roca Rimless technology.

Along with touchless products, the One Hundred restrooms bathroom spaces also integrate the Roca Protect service, which combines Internet of Things and AI to optimize consumption and improve the management of the facilities. Organized with sensors, this system compiles and sends real-time data to detect anomalies, generate alerts and even solve certain errors automatically. Marielle Romeijn, co-founder and CBO of One Hundred restrooms points to a future forward way of working, which continuously adds new technologies and modules to designs: “Already today every device collects and treats data in order to offer facility managers comprehensive details on their assets’ behavior, triggering preventive maintenance when needed.”

As technology is only useful when it improves people’s lives, One Hundred restrooms and Roca use it to create experiences that guarantee the peace of mind and trust of people in increasingly safe, comfortable and efficient public restrooms.