Build Your Dream Shower

Discover everything you need to transform your shower into a sanctuary of comfort and pleasure.

The shower is a space of wellness, comfort, rejuvenation and pleasure, where elements as simple as a stream of water and a transparent, thin piece of glass are capable of blocking out the troubles of the outside world. The shower is one of the most important rituals of the day, the wellness moment par excellence. A good shower can wash away not only dirt and germs, but also worries and petty annoyances.

As such, it is a place that cannot be overlooked. Here, are some elements which can give your shower that extra bit of comfort and guarantee a moment of joy in your daily life.

Find Your Perfect Temperature

An easy way to immediately upgrade the comfort of your shower is to install a thermostatic mixer. With this smart bathroom device, you can jump straight to the exact temperature you want and stay there, with no pesky jumping between hot and cold. These elements help create a better shower experience from the moment you step in, while adding an element of streamlined design to your shower.

(Pictured: Index-T Switch shower column)

A universal shower solution for thermostatic built-in faucets

Let it Rain

If you like the image of standing outdoors under a light tropical rain shower, not a care in the world, then an overhead shower may be just the thing for you. The perfect spa-like bathroom addition, overhead showers are designed to give the ideal pressure, that heightens the senses and relaxes the mind. No adjustments, no finding the right angle, it’s all there, right above you, designed for the perfect shower.

(Pictured: Rainsense shower head in matt black)

Overhead showers promise a completely unique shower experience

Open up the Possibilities

Removing barriers in the bathroom space also extends to shower trays. A floor-level shower tray gives an inviting sense of unity to the bathroom and makes the shower more accessible. With the introduction of innovative materials, shower trays are not only thinner than ever, they also offer maximum safety with anti-slip properties, and easier cleaning with highly-durable ceramic resistant to wear and tear and abrasive substances.


(Pictured: Pyros superslim Stonex® shower tray in white)

A floor-level shower tray gives your bathroom a modern design

Open up the Possibilities

Gone are the days of opaque walls or plastic curtains. The modern shower should not be divided from the rest of the bathroom, but rather fully integrated into it. To achieve this, go for a transparent shower enclosure. These elements, as stylish as they are simple, remove the sensation of barriers and give a feeling of openness and space, no matter the size of your bathroom.

(Pictured: Naray front shower enclosure with one sliding door, one fixed panel, and one side panel)

Naray is a shower screens collection with sliding doors and minimalist design

A good shower is at the very heart of any wellness routine. It remains one of the few moments of true disconnection, where phones are forbidden and worries are left outside. You deserve your dream shower – and whatever your preferences in the shower space, Roca has everything you need to make that dream a reality.