Because we either seek freedom or support, the WC covers and the bathroom accessories for toilets are prepared to help you at all times.

In the path of life we sometimes seek freedom and at other times we need support. As our needs change throughout the years, Roca’s WC covers and bathroom accessories have been conceived to help you at all times. From toilet seats for children to rings with a front opening for users with reduced mobility, we show you a wide range of solutions designed to adapt to every need.

WC covers

If you need to alleviate the wear and tear caused over time or because you wish to renovate their appearance, toilet covers are an element that can be easily replaced to suit your preferences. Collections like Beyond and Carmen allow you to choose WC covers in colors and you may also innovate with the covers manufactured in Supralit®, a zero porosity resin reinforced with an antibacterial treatment.

WC adaptor for children

If the family grows and instead of a ring reducer you have decided to install a WC for children for the new member of the family, you will be delighted to know that you can turn it into something fun by choosing a yellow model. The Baby and Happening collections offer lighter WC seats that are easy to handle to provide safety to the little ones in their first autonomous routines.

Open toilet seats

If, on the other hand, you need to adapt the WC to people with reduced mobility, a good way to do it is by using seats with a front opening. Available in the Meridian and Access collections, these ergonomic rings have been conceived to make the use of the WC more comfortable and simple.

Grab rails

In a space conceived for the elderly or for those with mobility problems, grab rails for bathrooms such as armrests or folding grab bars are a must-have, as they can be installed on a floor pedestal or on the wall to provide support in the WC area. Available in different sizes and with a chrome or white finish, these Access bathroom accessories can include toilet roll holders and be reinforced with an antibacterial treatment that provides hygiene and peace of mind both in public restrooms and in hospitals or in homes for the elderly.

Toilet squat stools

Finally, and beyond the Roca WC covers or the grab rails we invite you to round out the toilet area with wooden footrests, easy to move to have them close at hand when you need them. Choose the grey model of the Access collection or the white one in the Voylet line, two different finishes and heights.