The Access collection displays its Comfort and Pro ranges: a wide variety of bathroom accessories for people with disabilities or for seniors who need help to fend for themselves.

Like a friend who stays by your side when you most need it, the bathroom accessories for low mobility can provide unconditional support in your personal grooming routines. Specifically designed to renovate bathrooms for senior citizens or to overcome mobility problems, the Access collection brings together all kinds of accessories for the shower or WC area. With ergonomics and functionality as its raison d’être, it not only offers a wide range of grab rails but also stools, backrests and footrests conceived to make our everyday easier both at home and in professional spaces such as care homes or hospitals.

Grab rails to support you

From almost one-meter-long straight grab rails to the angular grab rails that barely reach 500 mm, Access offers multiple accessories that can bear a weight of up to 150 kg. Install these grab rails for shower or WC vertically or horizontally without disregarding the folding solutions, based on your needs. With a joint-free design and a white, gloss or matt chrome finish, these safety grab rails for bathrooms can be protected with an electric insulator and antibacterial treatment, especially suited to provide additional safety in clinics or day care centers.

Bath and shower seats designed for your comfort

Sometimes one point of support is not enough and shower seats or bathroom stools are needed to make the grooming rituals easier for seniors or people with mobility problems. Essential partners for carers, these accessories for the disabled can be foldable or they can rest on the floor. To provide the maximum guarantee in public centers, the Access Pro range protects the shower stools and the seats that facilitate the use of the basin or the bidet against bacteria.

Physiological stool and other bathroom accessories for reduced mobility

If you are thinking of reconditioning a bathroom for people with disabilities or for seniors, you should not leave out other specific elements that can make a difference when providing the greatest comfort. We are thinking of bathroom footrests for the WC area —also known as toilet squat stools—, of hinged grab rails or backrests of the Access collection, ideal to provide stability and encourage relaxation in the pressing search for well-being.