As we all must play a role in saving water, today we bring ideas to achieve a more sustainable bathroom space.

A conscious gesture, a new habit, a small change in our routines may be vital for saving water and contribute to taking care of our planet. As small decisions at home may result in global transformations, today we bring several recommendations to help you achieve a more efficient bathroom while reducing the water bill at the same time. Ideas that turn basic everyday gestures into a sum of environmentally-friendly experiences.

Install thermostatic faucets

The time we spent waiting for the hot water to flow from our shower is not only tedious, but it also has a very high environmental cost: several liters of water wasted forever. Always your best partners on such occasions, thermostatic faucets provide a water flow at the perfect temperature in a matter of seconds without allowing the water to exceed 38ºC, helping us to save energy at the same time. Wall-mounted or built-in, you may choose from different designs and find the one that best meets your needs. And if design plays an important role for you, models like T-1000 Round, with the exclusive Everlux covering, will add a touch of color to your bathroom in Titanium Black, Rose Gold or brushed Titanium Black.

Opt for optimized flushes

A dual flush system is a safe bet if you wish to protect the environment and your budget. Conceived to be increasingly sustainable, Roca toilets have been pioneers in incorporating dual flush systems as standard, while gradually reducing the volume of water. Nowadays, the most efficient WCs consume between 4.5 and 3 liters for a full and a partial flush.

Choose faucets with aerators

The aerators installed in the spout reduce the water flow and decrease consumption by up to 50% without compromising the feeling of pressure. Incorporated in all Roca basin faucets, the new flow limiters improve this system by adding features such as the compact air injection technology present in new models like Cala or Alfa.

Cold start opening

The accidental activation of the boiler consumes energy and may cause the waste of liters of water. The Cold Start system, available in Roca’s most innovative faucets, prevents the accidental flow of hot water and with it, the waste of energy and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. With a soft opening system, the faucets in the Cala collection include this technology, which means that the front opening is exclusively reserved to cold water and the handle must be turned to obtain hot water gradually.

Self-closing faucets

Did you know that leaving a faucet running while soaping our hands can waste up to 6 liters of water? Great partners for savings in public and semi-public bathroom spaces, electronic faucets feature a motion sensor that shuts off the water supply after a few seconds to avoid unnecessary consumption. Roca’s touchless solutions like L20-E or L90-E feature the sensor in the base of the spout, while models such as Atlas-E or Loft-E place it in the spout for over countertop basin installations. This array of configurations is complemented by their easy installation, as all models can be powered by electricity or batteries.

Opt for bold designs

The search for creative and efficient options has enabled the Roca Design Center to develop an innovative proposal that has received numerous international awards. A combination of basin and WC, the original W+W uses the excess water from the basin to flush the toilet cistern. Thus, through a powerful filtering system, water has a second life in one of Roca’s most original and efficient solutions.