Technology and design join to bring water to the most intimate parts of our body with smart toilets with customizable functions.

If water is present every time you search for freshness and wellbeing, why not incorporate it to all your routines? With Roca’s Smart Toilets, cleaning highly sensitive areas of the body becomes an experience of maximum comfort with user-friendly technology. Thanks to its intuitive and simple use, the smart toilets allow users to customize the functions according to their preferences. Moreover, due to the variety of configurations and its easy installation, a Roca WC with bidet can be fitted into any bathroom space without too much masonry work. Choose the Smart Toilet you identify yourself with and take a step further in the search of total hygiene.

In-Wash®, the toilet that washes you with water

Roca’s In-Wash® toilet brings water to the most intimate areas of your body for a full anal and perianal cleaning. With only three buttons, its side panel allows the adjustment of basic cleaning and drying functions. And if you require more accuracy in the customization of the settings, you can use its practical remote control to decide the water temperature and pressure or to dose the drying air. Moreover, you can adjust up to 5 positions of the removable nozzle, which cleans itself before and after each use to ensure maximum hygiene.

The installation of In-Wash® only requires a power source and a conventional water outlet. With a wall-hung or back-to-wall option or with a built-in cistern, this Smart Toilet with a minimalistic style adapts to any bathroom without leaving any wires in sight. And as a novelty, now you can also opt for the In-Wash® with In-Tank® version, with integrated cistern in the bowl that makes the installation even easier and allows for greater freedom of movement.  With the floorstanding model you can save up to 9.5 cm when compared to a conventional close-coupled WC and up to 20 cm when compared to a WC that requires the installation of a Duplo frame in the wall.

Additionally, the In-Wash® with In-Tank® toilet features two buttons on the remote control and side panel to activate the partial and full flush. The Soft Air technology propels water towards the upper section of the bowl for a full, effective and silent flush. An innovative system that joins the Rimless Vortex® design with two types of flush, tornado and cascade, for a 360º flow inside the bowl. Maximum dragging capacity with minimum water consumption and a high level of non-stick properties, thanks to the exclusive Supraglaze enamel. This third layer, on top of the conventional glaze, provides an extremely smooth and zero-porosity surface which facilitates the water flow.

Multiclean® transforms your WC into a Smart Toilet

Changing a conventional WC into a Smart Toilet is as easy as installing a Multiclean® seat, which has been designed to adapt to most Roca toilets. In a Round, Soft or Square format, you can install your own smart toilet without any masonry work, as you only need a power connection and an existing water outlet.

Moreover, in its Premium version, Multiclean® allows users to change the temperature of the seat in up to three levels for a maximum feeling of comfort.

As you can see, there are no excuses to reach maximum hygiene in the WC. By installing a WC with water jet or adding a Multiclean® seat to your traditional toilet, Roca’s Smart Toilets combine aesthetics and comfort to adapt to any bathroom space. Why wait?