A steaming hot shower that remembers the ideal settings of each member of the household. An electronic toilet with a gentle multi-setting spray nozzle and LED night-lighting. A mirror that defogs at the touch of a button. It’s not science- fiction, it’s reality – and Roca’s got everything you need to make it a part of your home.

This year, everyone’s talking about smart bathrooms. The latest generation of bathroom technology is greener, more functional and more connected than ever before. But comfort and wellness remain the essence of the smart bathroom, and for as much as these new technologies propel the bathroom experience into the future, they are firmly rooted in the comforts that have defined bathroom rituals for generations.

Smart Toilets: Make room for the connected WC

The most notable evolution comes in the form of an integrated water nozzle that provides fully customizable washing and drying functions for intimate hygiene. The position, pressure and temperature of the water and air can be controlled either via a remote control or an app for smartphones. When you’re finished, effective drying technology directs air precisely where it is needed.

Other features such as the deodorizer, Supraglaze® glazing and LED night light complete this enticing package. The smart toilet self-cleans using both water and UV lighting, to ensure the most hygienic experience with minimal hands-on maintenance.