Smart Bathrooms: Next-Gen Tech Taking Comfort to New Heights

The Ultimate Smart Bathroom

A steaming hot shower that remembers the ideal settings of each member of the household. An electronic toilet with a gentle multi-setting spray nozzle and LED night-lighting. A mirror that defogs at the touch of a button. It’s not science- fiction, it’s reality – and Roca’s got everything you need to make it a part of your home.

This year, everyone’s talking about smart bathrooms. The latest generation of bathroom technology is greener, more functional and more connected than ever before. But comfort and wellness remain the essence of the smart bathroom, and for as much as these new technologies propel the bathroom experience into the future, they are firmly rooted in the comforts that have defined bathroom rituals for generations.

Smart Toilets: Make room for the connected WC

In-Wash® Insignia

Consider Roca’s In-Wash® Insignia smart toilet, with innovations that are as progressive as they are intuitive. It still consists of the essential elements: seat, bowl, water. Though now, the seat can be pre-warmed and opens and closes automatically, via a built-in presence motion sensor. The bowl is Roca Rimless®, which makes it more hygienic and easier to clean. And the space-saving tank, integrated into the bowl, has an optimised flush in comparison to earlier models. Each element has been reimagined and optimized according to user experience and functionality.


(Pictured: In-Wash® Insignia, Iridia round mirror)

smart bathroom Roca

The most notable evolution comes in the form of an integrated water nozzle that provides fully customizable washing and drying functions for intimate hygiene. The position, pressure and temperature of the water and air can be controlled either via a remote control or an app for smartphones. When you’re finished, effective drying technology directs air precisely where it is needed.

Other features such as the deodorizer, Supraglaze® glazing and LED night light complete this enticing package. The smart toilet self-cleans using both water and UV lighting, to ensure the most hygienic experience with minimal hands-on maintenance.

In-Wash® Ona

Inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean, the new In-Wash® Ona is a smart toilet with a totally intuitive washing configuration interface, with high drying capabilities thanks to the Coanda effect, and with the control and personalization that Roca Connect delivers. What’s more, In-Wash® Ona seamlessly integrates design and hygiene with organic lines inspired by natural forms, is a smart choice for the bathroom.


(Photo: In-Wash® Ona)

Smart toilet Ona by Roca

In-Wash® Inspira

The In-Wash® Inspira collection features a wide range of installation options for every household and bathroom space, with a minimalist and compact design and no visible wires. Regardless of the design or installation option you require, you are bound to find an In-Wash® Inspira that suits your project.


(Pictured: In-Wash® Inspira In-Tank®)

smart toilet design by Roca

Multiclean® M4

With a slim and modern design, the latest generation of seats with personal hygiene technology brings all the advantages of intimate washing with water to Roca’s traditional WCs, by only changing the toilet seat and cover.

Multiclean® M4 transforms the WC into a true smart toilet with washing and drying technology, a self-cleaning nozzle and an entirely personalised experience, thanks to Roca Connect.


(Photo: Multiclean®)

Smart bathroom ideas. Multiclean by Roca

Smart Showers: the enhanced shower experience

It’s in the shower that smart tech is at its most pleasurable – and Roca’s Smart Shower technology begins before you’ve even stepped inside the shower itself. From the app, you can instruct the shower to pre-heat to your desired settings, so that at each step of the way your experience is personalised according to your exact needs and desires. Should you wish to adjust the temperature or pressure of the water once inside, the settings can be altered at any time with precision via the LED control panel.


(Photo: smart shower panel)

smart shower and bathroom technology

Once you’ve decided how you want your settings, all that’s left is to sit back and enjoy a shower experience like no other. The control panel also allows you to change which outlet (overhead, hydromassage column, or both) the water comes from. To pause the shower and lather up, you need only push a button – when you’re ready for the water to come back on, just push the button again and it will return at exactly the setting you left it.

Once you leave the shower, you can activate an integrated cleaning programme that releases high levels of pressure from the outlets, removing limescale and other impurities from pipes and jets. It’s a safer shower too – the temperature control settings (which by default go to 38 degrees and have to be deliberately activated to go higher) make it more difficult for children, the elderly and other at-risk users to suffer burn injuries.


(Pictured: Smart shower pack with stella stick square handshower and Raindream extraslim metallic shower head)

smart shower with 3 jets

Smart Bathrooms for a Healthier Planet

Smart tech is more than just cool gadgets (although it’s got those too) – it’s also greener than before. Smart bathrooms technology allows for significant water and energy savings. For example, Roca Connect keeps track of the amount of water used by each person and the total amount of water from all users, thus raising awareness of water consumption and encouraging responsible habits. And their personalised control settings mean no more pesky switching between scalding hot and freezing cold while you’re looking for your desired temperature and pressure in the shower – making for a more pleasant experience for you and creating serious savings of water and energy over the course of a year. With the average shower using a litre of water every seven seconds, these minutes spent trying to get the settings right are better for the planet and can save you significant money on water bills at the end of the month.


(Pictured: Roca Connect App)

Roca Connect app for smart bathrooms
Calm waters