Kitchen faucets with retractable spout. What could be more practical?

The evolution of faucets at the service of your kitchen.

Like the washing machine or the dishwasher, which burst into our homes and completely transformed our everyday life, the kitchen faucets with retractable spout are here to stay and make the use of water in this space easier for all of us. Versatile and modern, we present three models of kitchen faucets that will not only respond with efficiency and durability to your daily chores, but will allow you to reach the entire surface of your sink and beyond with its practical flexibility.

SYRA. The latest technology in your sink

If you search for the latest performance in retractable kitchen faucets, then the Syra collection is just right for you. Spout and base are perfectly integrated in the two available designs –L-shaped and curved-, each one of them with a different method to extend the faucet: by extracting it towards the front or pointing to the sink. In order to increase the working possibilities even further, a simple button will allow you to change the normal water jet to a shower option, enabling you to wash your ingredients or tableware and even those items whose large size forces you to move outside the sink. The exclusive Cold Start technology always ensures the greatest efficiency by offering a cold water opening, avoiding the unnecessary operation of the boiler.


TARGA. Dual style, dual function

If you prefer a simpler retractable kitchen faucet without sacrificing style, then your alternative is Targa. The handle gains presence due to its robustness and the spout becomes slender in this collection available in two designs: L-shaped and curved. In the first option, the spout can be extracted towards the front to make it easier to fill containers that do not fit into the sink; while the curved option, as it is extracted towards the bowl, allows you to reach every corner and improve rinsing avoiding any splashing. As the diameter of the jet increases, the shower function distributes the water pressure for more efficient work, with the added comfort of being able to get as close as you need to the item you are washing, even if it does not fit into the sink.


VICTORIA. Compact and functional design

Finally, if you search for a compact and functional retractable faucet, the Victoria collection, with a larger diameter nozzle, is a lower model with a retractable spout that will allow you to cover every inch of the sink and even work outside it. You will be able to extract the entire spout from its base and easily handle it by activating the shower option with your thumb, improving the washing of oven trays or fridge shelves that do not fit into the sink. Are you ready to take the use of water in your kitchen to the next level of comfort?