WC, basin, accessories and even a double furniture solution can fit into a small bathroom

Number two is synonymous with company, it is the balance in any scale or the other side of reality. For this reason, renovating a 2-square-meter bathroom is the perfect occasion to analyze products, combine finishes and pay homage to balance. Discover that, in addition to the essential WC, you will also be able to install an original basin area in your small bathroom. A comprehensive solution that can be complemented with accessories and even bathroom furniture to prove that, in the end, number two has much more to offer than just a simple figure.

Wall-hung toilets with reduced depth

In any bathroom renovation the first element to be chosen is the one that sets the pace, establishing the style of the décor, the design and proportions. In a 2-square meter bathroom that first product that sets the standard is the WC, and the obvious choice would be a wall-hung toilet that makes the room look bigger by freeing up space on the floor.

If you choose a narrow and compact model, such as the ones available in the Meridian or Inspira collections, the feeling of spaciousness will be even greater without sacrificing functionality.

Basins with auxiliary units, cabinet mirrors or compact furniture units

The basin area is the second zone that needs to be solved in the renovation of such a small bathroom and, even in 2-square-meter spaces, it is possible to greatly increase the options.

Over countertop basins like Beyond, Inspira or Bol and compact wall-hung basins like Meridian or Hall can be combined with Suma modules in their wall-hung version, with legs or castors. Available in two dimensions, you will be able to adapt the storage capacity of this auxiliary bathroom furniture to your needs.

If in order to renovate your 2-square-meter-bathroom you prefer a comprehensive solution, you can opt for Mini and its base units with a reduced depth, with height-adjustable shelves for each member of the family. You will also find its cabinet mirrors, that offer more storage space to keep your things and a finish to match the furniture unit.  And to further increase the usefulness of these units, do not hesitate to add practical metallic hooks on their sides, which can be used as towel rails.


Bathroom accessories without drill

Finally, to round out your 2-square-meter guest bathroom you should install adhesive bathroom accessories as they free up precious space on the floor, on countertops and on basin shelves. The Rubik, Victoria or Twin collections allow users to easily fix soap dishes, soap dispensers or toilet brush holders to the wall, as well as providing the option of choosing containers or smaller towel rails.

Although the number two might seem a small number, see for yourself that you can fit much more than you thought in a 2-square-meter bathroom and start setting aside the essentials in your list.