An essential and irreplaceable element, water is the key of In-Wash®, Roca’s smart toilet that brings this basic and vital good to your intimate routines. With an experience of over 100 years innovating in technology and wellbeing, Roca takes a step further by offering a unique performance in a toilet with bidet that adapts to the design of any bathroom thanks to its compact shape and easy installation.

Customizable functions easy to use technology

With a nozzle than can be adjusted to 5 different positions depending on the user’s preferences, In-Wash® guarantees full intimate hygiene with water in the anal and perianal area. Customization is doubtlessly one of the more outstanding features of this toilet with bidet as the pressure of the water flow may be adjusted to three intensity levels and its temperature can be set to 33º, 36º o 39º. Finally, In-Wash® includes a softly dosed hot air drying function, which can also be adjusted to three levels.

Easy to use technology

In-Wash® can be activated using the side panel or a practical remote control. Simple and intuitive, the side panel has three buttons for more user-friendliness. The remote control, on the other hand, allows users to customize the positions of the nozzle, the water temperature and pressure and it can be magnetically attached to a wall bracket.

Roca’s smart toilet features an infrared sensor that only activates if it detects any presence on the seat, ensuring that the washing and drying functions only start up when necessary. Another safety and comfort feature of this Smart Toilet are its LED lights, which can be adjusted to stay on for 8 hours and in 4 different modes.

A smart toilet that can be easily installed

The installation of In-Wash® is much easier than you imagine. Without the need for any masonry work, this smart wc can be installed on any toilet. It only requires a conventional power supply and a water outlet. Compact and minimalistic, you can install In-Wash® both in floorstanding and wall-hung models.


Smart toilet, very easy to clean

As technology and innovation should always be at the service of our everyday life, In-Wash® is extraordinarily easy to clean. Its retractable nozzle cleans itself before and after each use to guarantee maximum hygiene and if you search for greater disinfection, you just need to remove the tip of the nozzle or easily extract the seat and the cover to thoroughly clean them. Furthermore, all In-Wash® models feature the Rimless technology, which removes the rim present in traditional WCs, providing a design with uniform inner walls, with no nooks or corners where dirt might build up.

In-Wash® with In-Tank®, the WC without cistern


Finally, and to make things even easier, In-Wash® also has two models without cistern thanks to the In-Tank® technology, which integrates the water tank into the bowl. As it does not require a frame, In-Wash® with In-Tank® increases the installation possibilities of the WC and allows users to save space because, without the cistern, the WC takes up between 10 and 20 cm less space. Its Rimless Vortex design generates a powerful flush with a 360° water flow that covers the entire bowl providing an optimum flush with the minimum amount of water. Additionally, In-Wash® with In-Tank® incorporates the Supraglaze® coating, which hinders the buildup of dirt and allows any residue to slide right off. An additional layer over traditional glaze that results in a waterproof, shiny and extremely smooth surface, which is very easy to clean.