How to plan a bathroom renovation

Our guide to planning a bathroom renovation and how to get started

Getting started with a bathroom renovation can seem like a daunting task, especially when there’s so much choice and you need to research everything from freestanding baths and shower trays, to a Smart Shower. Firstly, try to figure out what it is you need from your new bathroom. Do you want a practical space with a Smart Shower for a quick morning turnaround? Or do you love freestanding baths and want an escape? Do you need a family bathroom with easy access and plentiful storage? Or are you planning a compact, adults-only en suite? Getting it spot on and within budget is a priority, so here’s our guide to pre-planning a successful and stress-free bathroom renovation.

Consider the available space

(Pictured: Ona bathroom collection)

Bathroom renovation with Ona

Be realistic. If you have a larger than average bathroom, then researching freestanding baths is worthwhile. If your space is closer to the size of the average bathroom, then taking a look at space-saving shower trays and multi-functional sanitaryware would be more practical. Roca’s latest collection, Ona, has a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different-sized bathrooms, so even if space is at a premium, you can still create a sanctuary.

Check out style inspiration

(Be inspired: Ohtake collection, Newcast oval bathtub in white finish, Carmen collection in matt white. )

Pinterest and Instagram are a great source of inspiration, but also think about places you have visited and have been inspired by – hotels, spas, restaurant bathrooms. Think about the property you live in. Do you live in a contemporary urban flat and want a bathroom to match? Or do you want a classic style to complement a more traditional home?

What you want from your bathroom is a style-deciding factor – if you want to create a peaceful space inspired by a spa trip, then smooth contours and light Scandi-inspired tones will lend themselves well. If you want a modern look then streamlined shapes and coloured sanitaryware, like the on-trend Coffee and Onyx basins and WCs from the Beyond collection and Cratos shower trays, can add a contemporary edge. Freestanding baths, such as the round or square Maui baths, can offer a luxury hotel experience.

Experiment with the layout

(Pictured: Inspira Fineceramic® wall-hung basin, furniture and smart toilet.)

Bathroom renovation with Inspira bathroom furniture

If the layout of your bathroom is already working for you then don’t change for the sake of it – it will be less costly to avoid moving waste and water pipes. If you do need to shift things, then play with the layout before calling in the experts to see what is achievable, and how changes in layout might affect your budget. Draw a scaled down version of your bathroom on graph paper, including features such as alcoves, windows and doors. Then cut out to-scale shapes of everything. Rearrange the shapes to get an idea of a configuration that will work.

Look into an innovative smart bathroom

(Pictured: Smart shower)

Smart shower

You might want to incorporate the latest innovations in technology for your bathroom renovation. Roca’s Smart Shower allows you to customise your shower experience – pre-heating and regulating the temperature, modifying the flow and pausing for lathering up, resuming with just the touch of a button. Consider installing a touchless flush such as Roca’s EM1, an automatic flush valve and sensor flush. It’s an easy-to-install kit that is compatible with most close-coupled cisterns, allowing you to activate the flush with just the wave of a hand.

Don’t forget the storage

(Pictured: Detail, Inspira drawer organization.)

Roca Inspira Bathroom Storage

Bathroom storage is often an afterthought but is an essential part of an efficient bathroom. A coordinating vanity unit not only adds a stylish touch but provides ample storage, allowing you to organise your space. Ona’s Mediterranean-inspired collection of vanity units allows you to create bespoke storage solutions, whether you want a double basin unit with four drawers, or a compact base unit, available in stylish colours including Matt Green and Matt Grey.

It's all in the details

(Pictured: Hotels wall-mounted tumbler and soap dispenser in matt black and XL Ona basin mixer)

Details with Roca Hotels accessories

Planning everything before you get started on your bathroom renovation is key to a smooth-running project, so make sure you plan all the finer details including brassware, lighting, heating, tiling and flooring. Finding the right tradespeople will make the process easier, especially if budget allows you to find a company who will oversee the project from start to finish. A more cost-effective way is to design the bathroom yourself and order the product, then hire a bathroom fitter or plumber to fit it. Whichever route you end up taking, start by finding your local Roca bathroom showroom here for advice, where you’ll be able to see Roca products on display and find out what your options are.

There’s no doubt a lot to consider with a bathroom renovation, but after all the planning and hard work, you’ll have a shiny new bathroom to relax in!