Whether you want traditional-style  bathroom faucets with dual controls, or contemporary single-lever black faucets, finding bathroom taps to suit your needs, and your space, is essential to giving your bathroom a seamless finish.

Before delving into other practical considerations, let’s begin by exploring the various options available, considering the different type of bathroom faucets and their sizes.


(Pictured: Cala single lever M-Size basin mixer with smooth body in chrome finish)



Faucet size plays a crucial role in selecting the perfect option for your bathroom, with choices ranging from compact XS faucets to grand XL faucets. Each size caters to specific needs and spaces, providing the right balance of functionality and style. Roca offers a diverse range of faucet sizes to ensure optimal comfort.

Compact basins are best paired with reduced XS-Size mixers, while S-Size faucets work well with wall-hung basins. M-Size is ideal for countertop basins, while L-Size feature a larger design with side handle and spout, suitable for on-countertop basins and for washing or filling large items. XL-Size faucets are the largest design, perfect to use with over countertop basins.



Now you know what to consider, finding the perfect faucet should be a breeze and will hopefully take pride of place in your bathroom for years to come.