How to choose the right basin faucets for your bathroom

Here are the key things to consider when choosing bathroom faucets, including efficiency, durability and style

Whether you want traditional-style  bathroom faucets with dual controls, or contemporary single-lever black faucets, finding bathroom taps to suit your needs, and your space, is essential to giving your bathroom a seamless finish.

Before delving into other practical considerations, let’s begin by exploring the various options available, considering the different type of bathroom faucets and their sizes.


(Pictured: Cala single lever M-Size basin mixer with smooth body in chrome finish)


Built-in Faucets

Built-in bathroom faucets can give your bathroom a streamlined look, freeing up space around the basin. This extra space can be used for soap dispensers and other accessories, or simply to achieve a clutter-free look. Built-in faucets are ideal to pair with countertop basins.


(Pictured: Ona built-in basin mixer in Matt Black finish)

Ona bathroom faucet is a built-in basin mixer

Single-lever Faucets

These mixer faucets provide enhanced flexibility and water efficiency, enabling you to achieve the ideal temperature with a single faucet. Single-lever faucets feature a sole handle for managing both the flow and temperature, offering greater ease of use and control.


(Pictured: Cala single-lever basin mixer smooth body. XL-Size with Matt Black finish)

Bathroom faucets can improve water efficiency

Twin-lever Faucets

Twin-lever faucets are designed to provide the utmost simplicity and practicality. With independently controlled hot and cold-water features, these faucets offer an unparalleled level of versatility and convenience. Whether you prefer a refreshing blast of cold water or a soothing stream of warm water, twin-lever faucets allow you to customize the temperature precisely to your liking.


(Pictured: Brava basin mixer)

Bathroom faucets allow you to select the best temperature for you

Electronic Faucets

Bathroom faucets can be equipped with electronic sensors

Featuring cutting-edge technology, electronic faucets are equipped with sensors that activate the flow of water only when they detect movement, guaranteeing that no water is wasted. Promoting hygiene, comfort and sustainability, electronic faucets are ideal for public and semi-public spaces.


(Pictured: Ona electronic basin mixer)

Self-Closing Faucets

Some bathroom faucets are engineered to automatically shut off

Self-closing faucets are engineered to automatically shut off water flow after a predetermined period. This feature not only aids water conservation but also contributes to energy efficiency. The timed mechanism of these type of faucets make them particularly suited to public spaces.


(Pictured: Avant self-closing deck-mounted basin mixer with push-button and lateral handle for temperature regulation)


Faucet size plays a crucial role in selecting the perfect option for your bathroom, with choices ranging from compact XS faucets to grand XL faucets. Each size caters to specific needs and spaces, providing the right balance of functionality and style. Roca offers a diverse range of faucet sizes to ensure optimal comfort.

Compact basins are best paired with reduced XS-Size mixers, while S-Size faucets work well with wall-hung basins. M-Size is ideal for countertop basins, while L-Size feature a larger design with side handle and spout, suitable for on-countertop basins and for washing or filling large items. XL-Size faucets are the largest design, perfect to use with over countertop basins.


Cleaning and Safety

Keeping the bathroom clean can be a daunting task, so you need all the help you can get with faucets that are easy to clean and maintain. Roca’s chrome-plated bathroom faucets feature the exclusive Evershine electrolytic coating providing protection against corrosion and ensuring a long-lasting radiant shine. Matt finishes and black faucets provide a contemporary look, though may require more frequent cleaning to prevent watermarks and limescale build-up in regions with hard water.


(Pictured: Victoria Plus single-lever faucet in chrome)


Victoria Plus is a single-lever bathroom faucet

Invest in a Faucet That Will Last

Opting for a high-quality faucet can yield environmental and financial advantages. When selecting a faucet, prioritize products constructed from top-notch materials and resilient components, such as ceramic disc cartridges to guarantee a longer lifespan. Some new faucets feature the environmentally friendly Everlux coating, which is exceptionally hard and durable. This clean technology does not use hazardous materials or generate chemical waste or water pollution, and is resistant to scratches, abrasions, and corrosion.


(Pictured: Nu faucet with dome handle in honey yellow)


Contemporary bathroom faucet in honey yellow

Save Water, Energy and Money

Efficiency is key to saving water and energy. Energy-saving systems such as Roca’s Cold Start technology means it will start with a cold flow rather than firing up the boiler unnecessarily. Flow limiters or advanced aerators are implemented to control water flow, and can be found in most of Roca’s faucets.


(Pictured: Ona faucet in chrome)

Bathroom faucet in chrome


Choose Aesthetics and Functionality

After considering all of the practical and environmental factors, the most enjoyable bit should be choosing the style. Consider the basin you have so that the faucet complements the design and select a faucet that continues the shape and feel of the basin and the rest of the bathroom.

Faucets such as Carmen suit traditional style bathrooms, while a minimalist look might be accomplished with a Cala faucet in matt black or white. For a splash of colour, consider the stylish Nu collection in one of several bold colours, including cobalt blue, honey yellow and mint green. For glossy or satin finishes, check out the PVD Everlux finishes in Rose Gold or brushed Titanium Black in the Ona and Insignia collections.


(Pictured: Ona smooth body basin mixer in Rose Gold finish)

Bathroom faucets can also suit traditional style bathrooms

Handle Design

When it comes to selecting the right faucet, it’s important to consider not only comfort, style and function, but also the design of the handle. The handle plays a crucial role in the overall user experience and can have a great impact on aesthetics and usability. Roca’s faucet collection features a wide range of options to cater to different preferences and needs.

Nu, Roca’s latest faucet collection, embraces form, shape, and colour. Available in six glossy colours, Nu features three handle designs (Pin, Dome and Stripes), opening up a world of possibilities for creative expression and personalization in the bathroom space.


(Pictured: Nu basin mixer with Stripes handle in white finish)

Nu is the latest bathroom faucet collection by Roca

Now you know what to consider, finding the perfect faucet should be a breeze and will hopefully take pride of place in your bathroom for years to come.