How to add a touch of warmth to your bathroom

Find out how to create a warm and inviting bathroom space with colour, natural materials and accessories.

Creating a warm bathroom space is not about turning up the thermostat; it’s about incorporating design elements that evoke a cosy and inviting atmosphere. By carefully selecting the right colours, accessories, materials and furniture, a bathroom can become a welcoming and relaxing space that makes your everyday routine enjoyable and inspiring.

Colourful touch

Colour plays a pivotal role in setting the mood in any room, and the bathroom is no exception. To achieve an inviting ambiance, opt for warm and earthy tones such as soft beiges, muted oranges, deep greens, blues and browns. These colours, often referred to as ‘Mediterranean’ hues, can instantly make this intimate space feel more welcoming. Seek out colours that connect to nature and add a comforting experience to the place, where you want to relax and spend time.

(Pictured: Tura washbasin and recycled accessories)

Tura washbasin and accessories

You can add colour by painting a feature wall, through accent tiles or with specific bathroom pieces. A new colourway is terracotta, a rich, earthy and warm tone that calls to mind a desert landscape or ancient ceramics. The light terracotta of Tura’s vanity or the more saturated tone of the Inspira furniture collection can create a visually pleasing contrast with cool colours like blues, greys or white commonly found in bathrooms.

(Pictured: Inspira auxiliary unit with one drawer in terracotta finish)

Terracotta colour is a trend in 2023

Forest green is another inviting colour that instantly conveys a mood of relaxation and elegance. It’s a colour that manages to be dark yet emits light and pairs beautifully with many other colours from classic white and black to more daring orange and blue. The adaptable Ona collection offers several ways to tie forest green into the bathroom – through furniture and storage units as well as accessories including cups, trays and soap dispensers. The matt green colour reminds us of the peacefulness of a forest or a pine tree forest.

If blue is your colour of choice, deep blue on a furniture unit is sophisticated and inviting. It works next to lighter colours including beige, cream and terracotta and creates a dynamic focal point in the bathroom.

(Pictured: Ona base unit with two drawers and basin and Delta column unit in matching matt green finish).

Green furniture help creating a relaxing atmosphere

A snug feeling

Bathtubs are often the statement piece in a bathroom space. Their ergonomic form instinctively transports us to a welcoming and nurturing place. For many, a vintage aesthetic can add that comforting atmosphere and a cast iron tub with copper exterior is not only an eye-catching piece, it also adds a cosy, comforting feeling to your bathroom. While white is a classic colour, there are now also two-toned shades, matt or glossy and even metallic options. Make a bold statement with a coffee and white combination, or onyx and white, or set a softer mood with a coffee or beige colour mix.

(Pictured: Maui rectangular Stonex® bath in beige/white combination)

Bathtubs promote a warm bathroom space

Natural embellishments

With interior design, accessories can make all the difference. Woven baskets, wooden trays for the shower, bath or countertop, or cork storage boxes, are practical solutions, which can also add texture and help create a cosy ambiance. By their very essence, natural materials make us feel better. Their organic materials connect us to the earth and provide an inherent sense of wellbeing.

(Pictured: Tura storage boxes made of recycled felt and cork, and bath trays made of responsibly-sourced wood)

Natural materials make us feel better

The beauty of wood

From light birch wood to a deeper oak – wood finishes on bathroom furniture can transmit a certain element of comfort. For a warm, nature-inspired design consider a The Gap and Tenet’s walnut or Nordic ash finishes. Take it up a notch with Horizon’s unique fresati wood cabinet paired with a black or white countertop for an intimate and luxurious feel.

(Pictured: Horizon)

Horizon Roca’s furniture and washbasin

Textured mix

Other ways to make a warm bathroom space, try mixing and matching different textures, such as stone surfaces or accents with soft fabrics. This contrast can create a more visually dynamic space, while rugs, plants and candles are other great ways to give this space a homely feel.

(Pictured: Ona wall-hung Rimless WC, Ona compact furniture unit in sand grey)

Ona bathroom collection

Whether you want it minimalist or mix and match, with natural materials such as ceramic and wood, earthy colour tones and textures and the right furniture pieces, you can easily create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. By paying attention to these design details, you can transform your bathroom into a haven where you can unwind and escape the outside world in comfort and style.