How IoT Is Improving the Bathroom Space

Roca's IoT-integrated bathroom solutions are revolutionizing water conservation, convenience, and hygiene.

Connecting to the Future of Smart Bathrooms

In today’s fast-paced world, technological advancements continue to reshape many aspects of our lives. One noteworthy area undergoing an important transformation is the bathroom. The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), a network of interconnected devices capable of sharing data and communicating with each other over the internet, has found its way into our most intimate spaces. This marriage of convenience and innovation is reshaping our interaction with the bathroom, heightening consciousness of factors like water conservation and energy efficiency, all while improving our daily bathroom experiences.

Revolutionizing home living with smart technology

Smart technology and apps are transforming our homes and making daily life more convenient and Roca is at the forefront of this transformation in the bathroom space. The Roca Connect App is a cloud-based system that fully integrates all Roca Smart products – including select faucets, thermomixers, mirrors, smart toilets and bidets -resulting in a heightened bathroom experience that considers personal well-being as well as sustainability. The Roca Connect App serves as an important tool for raising our awareness about energy and water management and consumption. It’s easily accessible via smartphone and features a clean interface that provides data analysis and real time information.

Smart technologies are transforming our homes

(Pictured: Roca Connect, a cloud-based smart bathroom solution for the home and public buildings)

Smart Shower Systems: A Refreshing Start

Imagine stepping into your bathroom and effortlessly customizing your shower experience with Roca’s Smart Shower systems. These systems not only provide your preferred water temperature at the touch of a screen but also offer features like pausing the water flow while your shave or condition your hair, adjusting water pressure for comfort to the spot where you most need it, and even initiating self-cleaning after your shower. Beyond convenience, they promote water conservation, empower eco-conscious choices, and showcase the transformative impact of IoT in your bathroom through the Roca Connect App.


(Pictured: Smart shower panel)

Roca Smart shower promotes water conservation

Smart Toilets: Advanced Hygiene and Health

IoT technology has even transformed the humble toilet into a sophisticated piece of smart technology. Pre-warmed seats that can open and close by sensor to avoid touching, directed nozzle flow, innovative drying systems, self-cleaning options that create more hygienic surfaces, all of this can be customized for user needs. In addition, water usage and energy efficient technologies contribute to better overall experiences in the bathroom.


(Pictured: In-Wash® Insignia wall-hung smart toilet)

Smart toilets improve experiences in the bathroom

Smart faucets in the home

Perhaps more commonly seen in public spaces, electronic faucets offer a customizable, safe and eco-conscious solution for the home. Easily to install, Roca’s Touchless faucets are activated by an integrated infrared sensor and allow you to adjust water flow duration tailoring them to match your personal preferences. These smart faucets stand out for their timeless and original design adding not only the comfort of hands-free operation but also safety and extra hygiene in the bathroom.


(Pictured: Loft electronic basin faucet)

Smart faucets combine design and hygiene

The integration of IoT technology into the bathroom space is just beginning. From smart showers that provide a personalized experience to intelligent toilets that promote hygiene and health monitoring, the IoT is reshaping how we interact with this intimate space. With the pace of technological development, the connected bathroom of the future holds exciting possibilities that can revolutionize our daily lives in ways we never thought possible.