Hosting out-of-town friends or family can be a lovely idea, but the reality of multiple people suddenly sharing a space for the first time can carry the risk of misunderstandings and friction. To ward off any possibility of acrimony, it never hurts to err on the side of comfort – especially in the bathroom. When traveling, it’s nice to have a bathroom that mixes the comforts of home with elegant extras that help take the edge off after travel. Below, we outline some simple ideas that can make your bathroom the relaxing center around which the rest of your friend or loved one’s trip revolves.

While a bathroom doesn’t have to include anything too luxurious, a good shower after a grueling travel session can certainly help them start their trip off right. For maximum enjoyment, make sure you have a modern, wide shower head installed with good water pressure. This will not only wash off the dirt and dust, but also the accumulated tension of traffic, lines and layovers.

Because guests are likely to use the smaller bathrooms in the house (you’ll want to save the larger one for yourself), it’s important to create space – or at least the illusion of space in secondary bathrooms. Light color schemes can help here, and an absence of barriers. Translucent, open shower screens can help to give the impression that a bathroom is much larger than it actually is by letting light filter freely through and making the most of the available square footage.

Vacations make for cherished lifelong memories, but the truth is they can often be stressful or exhausting in the moment. It’s not unlikely that your guests will be on the go all day and in order for them to enjoy their time with you to the max, it’s necessary to establish the preconditions for their relaxation in the home space. By creating an oasis of peace and wellness for them to return to at the end of each day, your home will stand out as one of their favorite memories of their trip.