Bathroom Furniture to Gain Space and Style

Not only does it serve as a storage solution, but it also enhances the overall aesthetics, reflecting your unique taste and preferences

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the bathroom has transformed from a purely functional space to a sanctuary of relaxation and style. Today, it is a place where we seek solace and rejuvenation, and the right choice of furniture plays a pivotal role in achieving this transformation.

With five bathroom furniture collections making their debut in 2023, Roca presents a gamut of styles to create a contemporary and well-considered bathroom space. From the tiniest under the stairs half-bath to a voluminous open-plan master bathroom, a furniture collection that is beautifully designed, well-crafted and fits your needs can make all the difference.

A Textured Finish in Your Bathroom Furniture

Roca is known for pushing forward the possibilities in bathroom furniture textures and finishes. Case in point: the fresati wood finish found on the Horizon collection. This unique wood formation with vertical slats immediately gives a sense of luxury, particularly when balanced with its cast marble countertop. This distinguished wood finish looks as good in a well-appointed townhouse as it would in a countryside chalet. Pair it with one of the Horizon collection’s sophisticated, contemporary basins for a winning combination.


(Pictured: Horizon Unik base unit and over countertop basin in matt black)

Textured furniture units provide added elegance

Striking Sophistication

The striking contemporary design of the Inspira collection is complemented by its versatility. Units can come as two drawers stacked together or as an individual one-drawer unit that is slightly skewed or separated from the Fineceramic® washbasin, a great space-saving technique for smaller bathrooms. Basins are designed in round, soft and square formats to find the best fit with any space and piece of furniture. The handle can contrast with the rest of the unit (such as a white set of drawers with an accented metallic handle), or be a seamless, single-colour finish. Units can come in dark wood, light wood, matt white, matt terracotta or matt sand finishes.


(Pictured: Inspira Unik base unit with two drawers in matt white finish)

Sophistication in this furniture unit of the Inspira collection

Perfect Storage

The Tenue collection’s compartmentalised drawers have been laid out to make organising easy, both for larger and smaller bathroom necessities. The storage drawers are outfitted with a streamlined handle set at a 45º angle in a straight line with a crisp edge finish (characteristic of higher- end units) and an on-point detail that allows for simple opening and closing. A Stonex® washbasin sits elegantly atop this unit, and the furniture can come with a matt white, matt black, onyx, night blue or pearl finish.


(Pictured: Tenue Unik base unit with two drawers, one open module and Stonex® basin in matt white finish on the right)

High storage capacity in the furniture units of the Tenue collection

Streamlined Elegance

Modern, clutter-free bathrooms start with well-designed bathroom furniture. Optica is optimized for flexibility and style. This furniture unit comes with two drawers and ergonomic handles which are subtly integrated into the unit and simple to use. These units pair with glossy white Stonex® unik washbasins or with three different ceramic finishes in over countertop solutions. Matt white and night blue surface finishes are timeless classics, while three wood surfaces in light, medium and dark work great for Scandi-modern looks as well as rustic-chic.


(Pictured: Optica Unik base unit with two drawers and Stonex® basin in matt white finish)

A furniture unit adds a modern touch to your basin

Endlessly Versatile

The Gap is a functional collection that scores high in adaptability. It is designed with numerous configurations and sizes in mind: wall hung units and floor standing cabinets, multiple sizes and a variety of colours, adjusting to individual needs with ease. The Gap furniture units embody this style with a variety of finishes, including the classic Nordic ash, light blue and light grey. The use of responsibly sourced wood finishes is increasingly sought after in the bathroom space, for a natural, Nordic feel that gives a sense of warmth and comfort.


(Pictured: The Gap Unik base unit with two drawers, one door and basin on left. Base unit in walnut finish)

Opt for versatility when choosing your bathroom furniture

Finding bathroom furniture that adapts to your needs is essential, and contemporary ranges of furniture are designed with versatility and style in mind. The right piece of furniture not only gives more storage and extra space, it can unlock the latent potential in the bathroom as well.