A new reflection in bathroom style

Discover how you can update your bathroom space with mirrors.

One simple yet effective way to give your bathroom a makeover is by changing the mirror. Bathroom mirrors aren’t just functional; they can also be a stylish and affordable decorative element that can transform the entire look of your space. Mirrors can add better lighting for day-to-day use, enhance storage solutions, and add depth and dimension to any bathroom.

When selecting a mirrorfor your bathroom, it is important to consider the overall style of the room. Is your space contemporary or vintage? Minimalist or maximalist? Small or large? Square shaped or rectangular? These specific questions around style, design and layout play directly to the shape and size of mirror that will look best in the bathroom.

All shapes and Sizes

Bathroom mirrors comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one that suits your personal taste and complements your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

Rectangular mirrors are timeless and versatile. Perhaps you have a small bathroom with high ceilings? In this case, a rectangle turned lengthwise can adapt perfectly to this space. Rectangular mirrors are also available with an interior cabinet, solving much-needed storage concerns.

Add a bit of symmetry and a contemporary edge to your bathroom with a square mirror. Their geometric shape is ideal for a minimalist or industrial-style bathroom.

If you’re looking to soften the straight lines and sharp angles in your bathroom, Round mirrors will do just the trick. Perfect for a contemporary setting, round mirrors add a touch of softness and elegance to your bathroom.

The mirror’s size plays an important role as well. A larger mirror will help create a feeling of infinite space, making a smaller bathroom feel more spacious, while a smaller magnifying mirror can be a striking focal point in a larger space, as well as serving its particular purpose.

New Perspectives

When faced with a sudden or permanent limitation in mobility, dexterity or other physical challenges, various aspects of bathroom functionality take on a whole new meaning. Simple daily routines, such as brushing your teeth, applying make-up or shaving become easier with the Access tilting mirror, a specially designed mirror that can easily be adjusted to suite individual needs.

(Pictured: Access tilting mirror)

To frame or not to frame?

Frameless mirrors have a sophisticated look that can also make your bathroom appear more spacious and open. They are especially popular in contemporary designs, but can be used in any style. They are available in round and rectangular forms and often come with surrounding LED lighting. For a more traditional bathroom look, a framed rectangular mirror adds character and personality to the space.

(Pictured: Luna Ambient rectangular mirror with perimetral LED lighting)

Luna mirror includes perimetral LED lighting.

Beyond reflection

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, bathroom mirrors can also come with a range of functional features that enhance their usability and convenience. Mirrors with integrated LED lighting not only provide ample illumination for tasks like shaving or applying makeup but also add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Some mirrors, include adjustable settings for intensity of light from high to low, or a handy demister device preventing your mirror from fogging up after a hot shower.

(Pictured: Iridia mirror with perimetral LED lighting and demister device)

The Iridia mirror is one of the most modern from Roca.

Reflective cabinets

Mirrors with built-in storage cabinets offer a practical solution for organizing your toiletries while keeping them hidden from view. They are perfect for smaller bathrooms where space is limited but in larger bathrooms can add a bold look as well.

(Pictured: Eidos mirror cabinet with integrated lighting)

Mirror cabinets offer practical solutions for organizing

Bathroom mirrors are not just functional items; they are also powerful decorative elements that can transform the look and feel of your bathroom. With a wide range of shapes, styles, and features to choose from, you can easily find a mirror that suits your taste and budget. When you want to give your bathroom a makeover, consider starting with the mirror – it’s a small change that can make a big difference in your bathroom’s style and functionality.