Changing the screen, fixing accessories to the wall or revamping the toilet is so simple that you can renovate the bathroom without removing tiles.

Give your home a boost with easy-to-install proposals to renovate the bathroom without removing tiles. Enclosures that can be installed with adhesive, a furniture unit with castors to be installed wherever you need, accessories that do not require any drilling or covers that transform your WC into a Smart Toilet are some of the proposals that will bring a change to this area of your home. If you want to avoid the hassle of a renovation involving masonry work, take a look at these five ideas you can combine as you wish to easily transform this essential space in any home.

Install a shower enclosure without drilling

If you are searching for shower enclosures without drilling that fit into your interior design, Naray offers a minimalistic style and easy installation. With the option of using adhesive to attach it, your bathroom space will gain comfort and functionality. With a side or front access, the fixed and sliding panels come in different dimensions to adapt to your needs. Moreover, its integrated robe hook allows you to comfortably reach for your towel.

If you prefer a model with a practical handle that makes opening and closing easier, opt for Ura shower enclosures. Corner, side or front, whatever the layout of your shower tray, in this collection you will find a wide variety of options to be installed with adhesive: fixed panels, sliding or swing doors in different sizes and combinations.

Manufactured in 6 mm tempered glass for maximum resistance, the Naray and Ura enclosures feature the Maxiclean® treatment to avoid the buildup of limescale or dirt, making cleaning very easy.

A new toilet cover to change everything

An apparently simple detail can be the definite step in your bathroom renovation thanks to Roca’s practical installation systems. If you need a replacement, opt for a cover in Supralit®, Roca’s exclusive antibacterial resin that provides greater hygiene and can be found in many Roca toilet models.

If you want to take a step further in your grooming routines, choose the intimate hygiene with water thanks to Multiclean®. With this innovative solution you can bring a smart toilet to your bathroom space without any masonry work.  Compatible with most Roca models, you only require a power outlet and a conventional water outlet. Enjoy a customized experience with its intuitive side buttons or the remote control that allows you to set up the water temperature and pressure, as well as the anal and perianal drying functions.

Add bathroom faucets without masonry work

Changing the basin faucet can be a turning point in your bathroom space. Opt for designs filled with color, add modern features and choose shapes that reflect your personality.  With a simple procedure you are able to replace the old faucet with a new one that suits your style. Those who prefer stylish lines choose Insignia for its side handle and the color options of the Everlux coating: Titanium Black, Rose Gold or brushed Titanium Black. On the other hand, the fineness of the joystick-shaped lever makes Pals a modern faucet with maximum precision.

And if you are searching for additional safety and hygiene, Roca offers touchless solutions with a motion sensor that activates the water flow without touching any surface. Thanks to its battery-powered system, a power outlet is not necessary to obtain all the benefits of an electronic faucet at home. You can install a faucet with sensor in the base of the spout like L20-E on your basin deck, with a refined curved design or L70-E, which features a larger body and right angles.

Bathroom accessories without drilling the wall

Adhesive bathroom accessories allow you to bring new life into your bathroom space without using the drill. With various styles to choose the one that best suits your personality, Roca puts different easy-to-install collections at your disposal. Opt for the matt black finish of Rubik to fill everyday objects like the towel rail or the toilet roll holder with sophistication. Choose the timeless design of Victoria for robe hooks and wire racks in different dimensions or select a classic soap dish of the Twin collection, manufactured in glass and metal. Regardless of your choice, you have the peace of mind that Roca adhesive accessories can be firmly fixed to any surface and withstand up to 5 kg of static load.

 As you can see, renovating your bathroom without removing tiles is much simpler than you thought. Forget about holes and cumbersome masonry work and opt for simple installations, with highly resistant materials and pure designs that will make the difference in how your home looks like.