Which one is your basin? Choose from wall-hung options or models on bathroom countertops

Discover wall-hung basins with integrated shelves or models installed on countertops, designed to help you organize your things. Those who value functionality in the bathroom find different options at Roca.

As there is no evolution without change, everyday objects are transformed to adapt to our needs. Thus, the basin has updated itself to fit into all kinds to bathrooms and therefore, into all types of homes. Starting with the first simple bowls with pedestal to the current vanity or in countertop models, basins do not only stand out for their design, but also for their storage possibilities. Choose over countertop basins in different materials, with one or several shelves, in various positions or designs. Discover the four proposals we offer and see that you also reveal part of your personality when choosing a basin.

1. Basins with shelf

Basins with integrated shelf are available in a wide range of materials, turning the vitreous china surface of the basin into a support area in different dimensions. In Fineceramic®, the porcelain compound that shapes the very fine Inspira modelsyou will find various combinations for wall-hung or vanity basins in up to six colors. In the traditional vitreous china for wall-hung or vanity installation, you can choose from collections such as Stratum and Prisma with left or right asymmetrical shelf. Moreover, the The Gap over countertop basins feature a practical back shelf, both in their Round and Square models.

2. Wood as the base for over countertop basins

With the guarantee of its waterproof wood as a base, the Savana countertop is compatible with up to ten different over countertop basin collections: from the functional design of The Gap, to the Inspira models in Round, Soft or Square format, manufactured in Fineceramic®. In City Oak and Gloss White, Savana perfectly combines with the extensive range of color finishes of the Beyond basins, also available in Inspira.


3. Over countertop basins on furniture with quartz surfaces

If you prefer the contrast between countertop and basin, with Beyond you will be able to choose over countertop and in countertop basins in six different finishes and install them on a resistant compact quartz surface in Concrete Grey, ideal for industrial styles.

4. In countertop basins on furniture with marble countertop

Finally, Carmen brings together its vitreous china basins and marble bathroom countertops in Marquina Black or Venato White, which round off its largest base unit with class and sophistication. A return to the eternal elegance of materials from another era to celebrate Roca’s most iconic basin, updated after more than 80 years of history.

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