White kitchen sinks, tiles and faucets for a kitchen decoration that highlights cleanliness and provides brightness.

If a white canvas is the beginning of everything, why add another color? A white kitchen can be the answer to your search for design and functionality, without sacrificing maximum hygiene and the most innovative performance. Discover how immaculate floors, walls and worktops illuminate any space, as well as quartz kitchen sinks and faucets. And if you combine the brightness of white color with its capacity to reinforce the feeling of cleanliness and to enlarge spaces, you will most definitely opt for this tone in your design of modern kitchens, both minimalistic or classic.

Thinbig®, Whites or Silence: tailored white kitchen tiles

A white kitchen starts with the use of white kitchen tiles that will increase the feeling of spaciousness by reflecting light as floor and wall tiles or in a countertop. What would you say if we told you it is possible to cover all these needs with just one product? We are talking about Thinbig®, large-format kitchen tiles with minimum thickness, which are extraordinarily resistant to impacts, humidity and extreme temperatures. Thus, Thinbig® tiles can be used on floors and walls but also in the area closer to the stove. With a natural or polished finish, smooth or creating a mesh, they are available in two white ranges: the strict and rigorous Pure and Calacatta, which replicates the elegance and characteristic veining of marble.

But white color has a thousand and one ways of manifesting itself and proof of this are the new formats of Whites in 40×120 cm, with rectified edges and outstanding performance for a perfect result despite the passage of time. If you are searching for a matt white kitchen wall tile, you will love the possibilities offered by Montreal, while Calypso relies on glossy white kitchen tiles. And if you are ready to experiment with other textures you will opt for Silence, a white body collection with a unique embossed touch.

Oslo: extraordinarily hygienic white kitchen sinks

Made from quartz and resins, the Roca kitchen sinks manufactured in Quarzex® offer original finishes thanks to their high-quality pigments. This distinctive feature is what makes the Oslo white kitchen sinks possible, displaying their snowy purity with an incredible natural texture. Make the most of their outstanding resistance and of their revolutionary absence of pores that will prevent leaks and the proliferation of bacteria.

Mencia: white kitchen faucets that save energy

No detail is left behind in this single-color trend… To round off your white kitchen, Mencia innovates with organically and functionally designed white faucets, which will surprise you with their exceptional performance. Find out how their exclusive copper and nickel coating shapes white faucets for kitchen sinks that fight corrosion and calcification. And should this not be enough, Mencia features the Cold Start technology, which guarantees the cold opening to prevent the involuntary activation of the boiler and contribute to the maximum energy efficiency.