Wc with integrated waste macerator: place it wherever you like

Compact and with a refined design, Roca’s WC with waste macerator allows for greater freedom of installation in the bathroom space.

Installing the WC wherever you like. This is now possible thanks to Roca’s new WC with integrated waste macerator, a compact and aesthetic solution that is very easy to install. Conceived as an all-in-one system, The Gap D-Trit features a waste management mechanism in the bowl itself, simplifying its maintenance and cleaning. Available in one of Roca’s more versatile collections, this proposal combines design, practicality and performance.

Freedom when choosing its location

Always taking into account the required minimum inclination and distance for the drainage system to work, The Gap D-Trit allows greater freedom when installing the WC in the bathroom space. Extremely versatile, the pump outlet connection of the waste macerator is adjustable to the right, to the left and to the back part of the toilet and is also adaptable to a DN22 or DN32 pipe.

Simple installation

The installation of a Roca WC with integrated waste macerator only requires a water outlet, a connection to the mains and an outlet pipe.

Refined design

Elegant and sober, its compact all-in-one design features side covers that conceal connections and pipes, inconvenient additional elements in the bathroom space.

Less noise

As it is located inside the toilet, the pump of the macerator guarantees a low noise level in each flush when compared with standard external systems.

Easy to clean

Without any loose wires or visible mechanisms, The Gap with D-Trit eliminates the hollow back parts where dirt always builds up. Moreover, thanks to its Rimless design, the bowl lacks any nooks or corners, making cleaning easier.

Drainage capacity

Moreover, The Gap D-Trit has three auxiliary inlets to add other elements of the bathroom space such as the basin or the bidet and make the most of the drainage capacity of the system.