Discover Supralit®, an exclusive material that guarantees maximum hygiene in the WC with a pleasant texture and innovative finishes.

Nothing seems enough to ensure the optimal cleaning of your bathroom, especially in sensitive areas like the bidet and WC seats and covers. To finally achieve total hygiene, Roca has developed a pioneering resin with minimum porosity, reinforced with a revolutionary antibacterial treatment. With its soft outline and very pleasant to the touch, Supralit® shapes not only the more hygienic and easy-to-clean WC seats, but also the more resistant ones, with the option of having different finishes. Discover them!


When you clean your bathroom, two unavoidable elements are the bidet and WC seats and covers, especially exposed to both germs and bacteria. From now on you won’t need to worry about their hygiene because the Supralit® resin features an antibacterial treatment that eliminates microbes from the Roca WC seats. And if this were not enough, their minimum porosity has been conceived to remove all kinds of impurities from their surface, in perfect combination with their soft shapes that suppress any corner where dirt might build up. And for additional peace of mind, buying WC covers of the Inspira or Beyond collection is always the right thing to do, because they are the result of an innovative development that reinforces even more the cleanliness of the WC.


In addition to being more hygienic and easy to clean, the bidet and WC covers manufactured in Supralit® are incredibly resistant to both UV light and the most diverse chemical agents. Thus, their exclusive formula not only ensures the highest durability of the product, but also its perfect upkeep, maintaining its original appearance and finish. And if you choose Roca WC seats like the ones in the Beyond collection you will have an additional guarantee provided by a new treatment designed to highly increase their protection against the passage of time.


With Supralit®, you can also say goodbye to annoying knocks when you lower the WC lid… And this is because the WC seats manufactured in this malleable resin can incorporate a soft-close system to eliminate noise while protecting the product and avoiding the continuous replacement of buffers. More safety and greater peace of mind that needs to be added to easy installation, especially in models like Inspira and Beyond, which feature an extremely easy fitting system.


As there are WCs for all tastes and needs, Roca WC seats and covers also have to adapt to these variety of preferences. A good way of doing it is offering different colors and styles to customize not only the WC, but also the bidet. Beyond traditional White, Supralit® allows you to innovate with Dark Grey in the vintage bathroom collection Carmen or to choose from the WC covers in Off White, Pearl, Onyx, Coffee and Beige proposed for your modern bathroom by the Beyond collection. And if you wish to play with shapes, Inspira adds its Round and Square designs to its WC seats and covers, with a curved or square outline.