Stainless steel and quartz kitchen sinks that combine the maximum hygiene and functionality.

Although it might seem contradictory, under countertop kitchen sinks take less space to increase their functionality. As they have a built-in installation, they provide more space on the kitchen worktop and make cleaning easier as they minimize any existing joints and reduce the number of nooks where dirt might build up. If this were not enough, built-in kitchen sinks help you create more uniform and integrated kitchen designs. Let us show you how!

Little space? A round or square kitchen sink for a small kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen, you will appreciate having a built-in kitchen sink because this is the option to make the most of the countertop. Choose a round or square kitchen sink with one bowl if you need the greatest usefulness in the minimum space.

A larger kitchen? Rectangular or double bowl kitchen sink.

If you have more space, choose a kitchen sink with two bowls or a rectangular shape to make your washing and rinsing chores easier. Discover all possible combinations to complete the decoration of your kitchen with stainless steel kitchen sinks and those manufactured in the revolutionary material Quarzex®.

A modern kitchen? Add a touch of color.

If you like kitchen designs that go beyond the conventional, Roca’s quartz kitchen sinks are not only resistant and hygienic but also customizable. Surprise with a white under countertop kitchen sink or choose from any of the other two available colors: Black and Grey.