Vintage-inspired style and functionality.

When dancing with a partner was the only option, twin-lever faucets set the pace in the bathroom with their star-shaped handles defining basins and bidets. Resuming the tempo of a two-step rhythm, this classic returns as a tribute to an era. The same inspiration interpreted with new lines to fit in the most select configurations, either vintage or modern.

Discover, thanks to Roca, the most refined vintage faucets of the Carmen collection and the most contemporary option with the twin-lever Loft models. Two styles, two ways to revive a design that will last over time.

CARMEN, recreate the most evocative vintage bathroom

In this new collection, which brings back the iconic Roca basin of the 1940s, the twin-lever faucets are essential to provide a real vintage character. With an exquisite curved design, the Carmen faucets reveal sinuous and delicate lines, featuring baroque-like edges from the aerator to the last detail of its star-shaped handles.

With Carmen, the elegant proposal of a twin-lever faucet is available for basins, bidets and the bath-shower area. With various possible configurations, we find the contrast of the chrome finish and the white colour, present in such small details as the handle of the hand-shower.

LOFT, vintage faucets with a modern vocation

If you opt for bringing together the best of the past and the present, you will love that the twin-lever faucets of the Loft collection reinvent the classic by defining the purest and slimmest lines. To deliver the water, the spout pronounces its arch culminating in straight and defined lines, not only in the structure of the faucet but also in its original handles in the shape of a cross.

Loft’s avant-garde proposal makes the difference in the bathroom by incorporating the latest trends in design and thermostatic technology, but also in the kitchen, impregnating both spaces with a unique and timeless style.