At Roca you will find a wide range of materials, finishes and designs to choose the modern wall-hung basin that best fits your bathroom space.

From traditional vitreous china or innovative materials with outstanding plasticity to creative and sustainable solutions that make the most of water for multiple uses, basins demand their own space by displaying a unique character. If you thought this piece could never be a highlight in your bathroom, be prepared to discover these four proposals.

Customized configuration

The exclusive combination of minerals found in Surfex® gives life to the Modo collection of customized basins. Under countertop basins in a Round, Square or Soft format to help you choose the one that best defines the character of your bathroom space. Opt for an asymmetrical design or one with countertop on either side. And if you need a multiple configuration you can find an option of two, three and even four bowls in the same countertop. With Modo, the possibilities of customized solutions range from a length of 580 mm to 2800 mm. In a refined Matt White finish, this wall-hung basin allows greater customization with an integrated towel rail.

Stylish minimalistic proposal

Subtle and light, modern basins manufactured in Fineceramic® are 40 % lighter and 30 % more resistant than conventional vitreous china. Conceived as a white canvas, the wall-hung designs of the Inspira collection come in three sizes in the Square format that adapt to different styles and personalities. The 600 mm basin is ideal for guest or small bathrooms. If you are searching for a configuration with a side countertop, opt for the 800 mm model and if you have plenty of space, the 1000 mm model with countertop on both sides is what you have been looking for. Regardless of the style chosen for your interior design, Inspira offers six finishes to choose from. Go for Onyx or Pearl to add that exceptional touch to this bathroom piece or select classic hues like Matt White or Beige. And if you wish to take a step further by adding creative solutions, opt for the semirecessed Inspira basin, whose front part is suspended while the rest is integrated into a 550 mm countertop.

Sustainability and aesthetics

When creativity is at the service of environmental protection, new sustainable and practical ideas like W+W appear. Recognized with prestigious international design awards, this combination of basin and WC allows us to reuse the water needed for washing our hands in the cistern flush. By means of an exclusive waste separation system, only clean water is filtered and disinfected to be used to clean the bowl. In addition to contributing to the protection of the environment with an eco-friendly solution, the compact design of W+W enables the optimization of the bathroom space. With a length of 860 mm and a height of 760 mm, its original curved design allows you to save water without disregarding aesthetics.

With incredibly soft designs, in light and resistant materials or with surprising technology, the Roca wall-hung basins are the piece that was missing to complete your ideal bathroom space.