Sophisticated by definition, antique baths are updated repeatedly to adapt to different styles.

Some classic objects never go out of fashion. With its freestanding design and charismatic form, a vintage bath is a good example. With ergonomic lines that envelop our body, its traditional shapes make a comeback with proposals that reinvent an iconic piece, adding new features and significantly increasing its possibilities. Regardless of the interior design, there is an ideal freestanding bath for every space. The perfect piece to make your bath experience an unforgettable one with timeless options… Or strikingly modern ones.

Classic is trendy

The search for balance and the use of noble materials are essential to shaping classic and eternal bathrooms. Spaces enhanced with marble or white ceramic pieces. Bathrooms with the traditional washbasin and pedestal, twin-lever faucets with star-shaped handles, or wooden bathroom furniture… Proposals that look to the past, where a freestanding bath finds its natural space. Roca’s Carmen bath recalls ancient shapes with its particular external drain by elevating one of its ends to envelop our body even more. Due to the properties of cast iron, its sound isolation reduces the noise of water, while its thermal resistance keeps water warm for longer to allow a comforting experience.

Glam eclecticism

A blend of different trends and the success of contrasts are the keys to a modern and unconventional style that combines materials, finishes, and designs to highlight the power of difference. Furniture in a classic or colonial style is combined with modern basins in lively bathroom spaces, where the bath becomes a glamourous object and the fundamental piece in its more classic design. With animal-inspired feet, the oval and symmetrical design of Newcast goes beyond traditional white to offer proposals in grey, black, burgundy, navy blue, or copper for innovative interiors.

Minimalistic atmospheres

Open spaces and pure geometries stand out in environments that attract natural light to offer a greater sense of spaciousness. Solutions like wall-hung basins and toilets contribute to optimising space, leaving the essential objects to take centre stage. The freestanding bath, reinventing its most elemental lines, uses new materials such as Stonex® to offer designs in rigorous white. In its Round or Square versions, the soft walls of the Maui bath envelop our body and keep the water temperature for longer thanks to the thermal resistance of this material manufactured from mineral charges and resins.


With its ability to attract attention and become the star of the bathroom, the vintage bath, in any of its shapes, materials, or finishes, becomes a symbolic piece that adapts to any personality.