Faucets with the latest innovations, quartz kitchen sinks and large-format tiles to design modern kitchens or come up with classical ones.

We sometimes know what we want but we do not know which products meet our needs. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, you will be glad to know that at Roca we have spent decades of research to provide you with the best performance combined with the maximum hygiene and durability. You will see that we exceed your expectations not only in kitchen faucets, but also in kitchen sinks and high-resistance tiles. Our new materials and finishes have been designed to push the envelope in the decoration of your kitchen, bringing you closer to a new dimension of design and functionality.

Kitchen faucets, with retractable spout or innovative finishes

Increase the possibilities of improving your kitchen faucets: with new functions or charismatic colors. On the one hand, the Syra collection features a practical retractable spray hose that you can detach from the spout and comfortably operate even outside the sink. Available in two different designs, Syra offers spray and rain functions to improve washing and rinsing.

Among Roca’s new kitchen faucets you will also find Mencia, which brings color to the kitchen sinks with its sophisticated and unusual finishes. Opt for its modern proposals beyond Chrome —White, Black and Titanium— if you wish to add a touch of originality when renovating your kitchen, without disregarding the highest protection against limescale and corrosion provided by its exclusive nickel and copper coating.

Roca kitchen faucets with enhanced performance

Quartz kitchen sinks, with drainer or double bowl

If we decide to bring color to the kitchen sink we cannot leave Quarzex® behind, a revolutionary mineral compound with a pleasant natural texture that allows the customization of the kitchen solutions with bowl or those that include a drainer. With the Oslo collection you will be able to choose a white kitchen sink but also more sober finishes —Black or Grey— which will remain unalterable despite the impacts and high temperatures, in addition to being antibacterial and highly hygienic.

Kitchen tiles, beyond floors and walls

What if we tell you there is a kitchen tile collection you will be able to use like a traditional tile but also to create extremely solid countertops or tabletops? Much more than just kitchen tiles, the Thinbig® large-format pieces feature an outstanding resistance and durability, being extremely easy to clean and making them ideal to protect the area closer to the stove or to reinforce hygiene in the table where you eat with the entire family. All this with a range of different hues, captured in five versatile collections that replicate the elegance of marble or the sobriety of stone or cement.