The Simple Perfection of a Great Shower Enclosure

Whether you are renovating your shower or installing a new one, shower enclosures are key in helping you achieve the ideal outcome.

Shower curtains were once the only option in a shower space due in part to awkward sizing and spaces. Today, shower enclosures are designed for contemporary lifestyles offering added style and allure to your bathroom. With clean lines, flexible solutions and bold finishes, Roca’s range of shower enclosures can transform any shower space into a focus point of the bathroom.

Fixed panels for streamlined elegance

When choosing a shower enclosure, the size of your bathroom can be a crucial factor. Fixed shower panels are an excellent option to enhance spaciousness and flow. They offer a clean and minimalist look and, for many, the convenience of walking directly into the shower without the need to open or close a door, is the preferred option. Moreover, the absence of a door offers the added benefit of saving space, especially in smaller bathrooms. The Victoria walk-in shower enclosure can transform any space to create the ideal shower environment.

(Pictured: Victoria fixed panel with Granada acrylic shower tray and Victoria shower column in matt black)

Fixed shower panels enhance spaciousness

Simple sliding doors

The delightful ease of sliding open a shower door has remained a beloved bathroom design choice for years. These doors provide a complete enclosure and offer space-saving advantages, making them ideal for smaller bathroom. They can easily be adapted to any type of shower tray – square, corner or rectangular. Notably low-maintenance, models like Naray present a variety of choices for both compact and spacious shower setups. If you’re concerned about cleaning, most models feature a door release system for easy access to the area between the doors, simplifying this task.

(Pictured: Naray shower enclosure and Cala mixers and shower columns in matt white)

Shower enclosures with sliding doors are idea for small bathrooms

Privacy and comfort with hinged doors

Hinged doors contribute to an enhanced sense of privacy and create a cosy, enclosed ambiance. High-quality models like Brisa incorporate easy-to-clean hinges that resist rust and lime build-up. Typically suited to larger spaces, this type of door offers more space to get in the shower and requires a free area around it to open the door.


(Pictured: Brisa shower enclosure and Pyros superslim Stonex® shower tray in beige)

Hinged doors for an intimate ambiance

Shower enclosures for every user

Contemporary design increasingly prioritizes the diverse needs of all users incorporating solutions that foster independence in the bathroom for individuals of all ages and conditions. Roca’s Access collection embodies this principle with minimalist shower enclosures that offer maximum accessibility. The door is divided into two separate segments, which can be opened individually or together. By opening only the upper part, this unique design means someone inside can be showered by someone on the outside of the shower, providing flexibility and convenience.


(Pictured: Access collection with corner entry shower enclosures)

Roca’s Access collection prioritizes the needs of all users

Personalisation is in the details

Choosing the ideal shower often hinges on the finer details. It involves decisions such as selecting the right towel rail length, opting for a chrome or brushed matt black finish, deciding between sliding or fixed panels, and choosing between transparent or slightly opaque options. With the Line collection, you have the freedom to customize various aspects, including the glass height and thickness for maximum transparency, the type of door (swing or hinged), profile finishes, and even the length of the optional towel rail. The updated Naray offers a fresh minimalist handle design available in matt black or polished silver, and Brisa‘s shower enclosure features a stylish slim handle, and Easy to clean hinges.

(Pictured: Line shower enclosures with Pyros super slim shower tray in onyx)

Customise your shower Line shower enclosures

Keeping it clean and simple

Effortless cleaning of shower is crucial for a clean, hygienic bathroom, enclosures durability and simplified household chores. Bearing this in mind, Roca’s shower combine aesthetics with innovation and functionality. They feature anti-lime treatments for easy maintenance and a user-friendly door release system that simplifies cleaning between sliding glass panels. Victoria’s walk-in models, Ura, Naray and Brisa come standard with the Maxiclean® treatment, an invisible protective coating that repels water, preventing lime, salt, spots and dirt buildup. This innovative technology not only makes cleaning easier, but also helps to maintain cleanliness over time.

(Pictured: Naray shower enclosures with T-500 built-in thermostatic bath-shower mixer and Raindream extraslim metallic shower head)

Roca’s shower enclosures simplify cleaning

With these extensive possibilities and innovative features, creating a clean, stylish and refreshing shower experience is fun and stress-free. The time to create that ideal shower space is now.