Sustainable Solutions in the Bathroom Space

With new technologies and innovative materials, it can easily be transformed into an unexpectedly sustainable haven in your home

This sanctuary for everyday self-care rituals can now pave the way for a better tomorrow with energy-efficient and eco-friendly materials. Here are some ways to contribute to this movement and become a more responsible consumer.

Embracing Technology and Innovation in the Bathroom

No longer a passive player, the bathroom is a space that can actively help towards saving water, time and energy. In your quest for an energy-efficient bathroom, a simple, yet highly effective solution is a faucet equipped with Cold Start technology. With this smart innovation, the faucet’s default start position is set to cold water and the heating system is only activated when the handle is turned and hot water is needed, resulting in significant energy conservation. By avoiding the operation of the boiler until hot water is required, Cold Start technology also helps reduce CO2 emission.

(Pictured: Ona faucet in chrome)

And, if you want to be even more efficient, try thermostatic faucets featuring Roca’s Quick Reaction® technology for instant access to warm water. In addition, Security 38° safety system prevents the temperature from exceeding 38 degrees, ensuring not only energy conservation but also added safety for you and your loved ones.

The most innovative faucets offer sustainable solutions

Water, intricately linked to the bathroom, warrants our special attention. Simple tricks like not letting the faucet run while brushing your teeth are valuable, but there are improved ways to both passively and actively save this precious resource. Aerators integrated into faucets are a game-changer in water conservation. By mixing water with air aerators effectively reduce water flow while maintaining the desired pressure level. This technology aligns perfectly with the most rigorous water-saving standards, earning the prestigious certification from the European Water Label.


(Pictured: Ona faucet in matt black)

Sustainable solutions that save water in your bathroom

If you’re looking for efficient ways of saving water in the toilet, consider installing a dual flush cistern with an operating plate or a dual-flush push button allowing you to adapt the water volume according to your specific needs. Dual flush systems are a standard feature in most toilets and an effective way of reducing water consumption. The most efficient WCs consume as little as four and two litres for a full and partial flush respectively. Another water-saving solution for the bathroom is an integrated toilet with basin, like the award-winning W+W. This innovative all-in-one basin and WC effectively helps reduce your overall water consumption by leveraging water from the basin to flush the WC.


(Pictured: W+W wall-hung vitreous china WC and basin)

Opt for sustainable solutions in faucets

The Rise of Smart Bathrooms

Smart technology is transforming our daily lives for the better. From digital apps to personalised systems and intuitive design, cutting-edge technology in the bathroom offers unmatched efficiency, convenience and sustainability. Embrace the contemporary lifestyle with these essential upgrades that add a touch of futuristic charm to your home.

Smart toilets are all about sustainability, and they’ve got it covered from multiple angles! They use minimal water with their partial and full flush systems, and waste reduction is also considered as a top priority throughout the production and packaging processes. Getting a smart toilet can be a big investment for some, but it will pay off in energy and water bills, as well as personal care experience. It’s a win-win if you value, comfort, hygiene, convenience, and the environment!


(Pictured: In-Wash® InsigniaIridia round mirror)

Smarts toilets are the quintessential sustainable solution

A central feature of smart bathroom solutions is the Roca Connect App. This user-friendly tool, available on any smart phone, allows you to keep track of your water consumption and energy costs. Connected to your bathroom products, this smart technology can also improve your daily bathroom routine with personalised control settings – think better personal hygiene and temperature-controlled showers.


(Pictured: Roca Connect App)

Smart toilets provide sustainability in the bathroom

Choose Your Materials Wisely

Sustainable materials and finishes are revolutionizing the bathroom space in a stylish way. Roca’s anti-slip Stonex® surface is a safe option for your shower tray or bath. This material is now composed of recycled resin from PET bottles, making it lighter and helping decrease transportation output and reducing the overall carbon footprint. Surfex®, used for many Roca basins, is another advanced material with exceptional resistance to damage and UV light. Made from organic materials, Surfex® is completely recyclable and can be repurposed for other uses. Beyond recyclable materials, consider the impact of finishes used on your products and their long-term impact on the environment. Enter Everlux, a sustainable finish for faucets that does not involve hazardous materials or generate any chemical waste or water pollution. With this clean and forward-looking technology, you can experience absolute peace of mind in your bathroom knowing you are not leaving a negative impact on the environment.


(Pictured: Terran-N Stonex® shower tray)

The Surfex® shower tray is an example of sustainability in your bathroom

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Choosing household items that are designed to last a lifetime can make a real difference. Ceramics, for instance, is a durable and 100% recyclable material. It can be broken down and used in many other ways, extending its life beyond the bathroom. Adding a touch of the natural world with wood sourced from sustainable forests, and even recycled cork, not only brings you closer to nature, but gives you an environmentally friendly space.

Being mindful of the environment extends beyond our immediate surroundings. It also involves considering every aspect of the product we use, including their production and packaging processes. In a bid to reduce waste and single-use plastics, Roca has replaced these elements in their packaging with sustainable alternatives, like carboard. Furthermore, Roca demonstrates its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by producing products in factories with the same region as their distribution to ensure that transportation-related emissions are minimized.


(Pictured: Tura bathroom collection)

Choose sustainable solutions for your bathroom with ecological and durable materials

The bathroom is a haven of tranquillity, where you can enjoy moments of calm. Whether it’s the perfect shower, a soothing bath or simply taking time to start the day, a this is the beauty of a well-designed bathroom. Now this experience can be connected to sustainability as well. Through material innovations, technology and transparency, creating a more sustainable bathroom has never been easier or more enjoyable.