Wooden bathroom furniture allows you to create trendy, welcoming and modern spaces.

With pure designs and natural finishes that seek to attract light, wooden bathroom furniture is the center of attention in very welcoming homes that replicate modern interiors from northern Europe. Simple and stripped back, the Nordic style stands out for the lack of extravagance and for creating spaces where warmth and comfort are essential. From the most innovative to the most classic, from models with drawers to open structures, today we present the keys to create a Nordic style bathroom with four furniture options that will turn this space into your favorite spot.

Sophisticated lines

Original shapes and materials define Beyond, an exclusive furniture unit for modern bathrooms filled with character. In a Nordic Ash finish, this elegant proposal fits into different spaces with widths ranging from 600 to 1000 mm and the option of various Unik countertop and over countertop basins. Its wall-hung bathroom furniture option allows you to free up space while its integrated handle adds a touch of elegance.

Personalized details

The Gap is a very versatile collection due to its many configuration possibilities, which adapt to the needs of every home. A storage solution with endless options in widths ranging from 500 to 1200 mm and two to six drawers. In its Nordic Ash finish, this wooden bathroom furniture unit stands out for its integrated handles, for the option of deciding the position of the basin and for its wall-hung installation or with feet.

Maximum naturalness

When searching for solutions that let light through, the Natura furniture unit is an open and very functional alternative to have your toiletries at hand. A structure in Natural Wood with a width of 650 or 850 mm and a practical shelf in White result in a fresh combination that is rounded out by an integrated towel rail in the front.

Less is more

The Savana furniture unit is ideal for those who aim to maximize the feeling of lightness. In textured City Oak, this wooden countertop is available in widths ranging from 600 to 1400 mm, highlighting the design chosen for the basin: from the original curves of Ohtake to the minimalism of Inspira, among many other options.

In different designs and finishes, from the most daring to the most refined and minimalistic, wooden bathroom furniture units become an essential element to bring Nordic inspiration to the bathroom space. On them, in Unik, countertop or over countertop options, basins in different materials, shapes and colors add the last touches of an interior design inspired by cold Nordic countries and filled with warmth.