Small toilet solutions for small bathrooms

In the quest for space efficiency, small toilets can help transform your bathroom into spacious retreats.

Modern life often means domestic living on a reduced scale. For many of us who already live in, or are renovating, a small apartment, studio, or tiny home, we need to adjust to a bathroom that only measures a few square metres. When faced with this challenge, the toilet should be your starting point.


(Pictured: Ona compact wall-hung WC in glossy white)

Bathroom for small apartment

Harness vertical space with a hung toilet

The golden rule when dealing with any tiny room is to harness vertical rather than horizontal space. In this sense, wall-hung toilets for the bathroom are a game changer.


Wall-hung toilets conceal the cistern mechanisms behind the wall and elevate the bowl of the floor. This not only creates a clutter-free look, but also allows you to personalise the height of the seat and at the same time free up the floor underneath, allowing for easier cleaning and perhaps some deftly placed storage and hygiene accessories.


Roca’s The Gap range of hung toilets and bidets adjusts to the tightest bathroom dimensions by offering both round and square models. A right-angled, geometric toilet bowl not only creates a strikingly modern accent but also aids the snug placement of auxiliary furniture on either side.

Roca’s Ona range hung toilet shaves 200 mm off the standard toilet width and, like The Gap, features a rimless bowl, which not only makes cleaning easier but also disperses with a cumbersome, and space-eating, overhang on the bowl.

(Pictured: Ona compact wall-hung WC)

Wall-hung toiles are the solution for small bathrooms

Keep it compact

Compact toilets are an ideal choice for small bathrooms, allowing you to gain valuable space without compromising on comfort. With The Gap’s Round compact wall-hung toilet, you’ll get an extra 6 extra cm of floor space, while the Round compact back to wall close-coupled model reduces the overall length by 5.5 cm. While a wall-hung model will give you that extra feeling of space on the floor, close-coupled toilets offer a timeless aesthetic that suits any bathroom interior.


(Pictured: The Gap Round comfort height back to wall WC)

Compact toilets guarantee space and comfort

Space-saving bathroom innovation

When space is at a premium, Roca’s In-Tank® toilets represent a groundbreaking solution for the smallest of bathrooms. This all-in-one solution whereby the cistern is integrated into the WC bowl is great when you are looking for a concealed cistern look for your bathroom, but don’t have enough space for its installation. Roca’s In-Wash® with In-Tank® does just the job.


(Pictured: Floorstanding In-Wash® Inspira In-Tank® smart toilet)

Cistern integrated into the bowl is a solution for small bathrooms

Technology + sustainability = space-saving design

If you have a little extra cash to spare, Roca’s award-winning W+W toilet represents the ultimate space-saving design where innovation, technology and sustainability join forces. The upper part of the W+W toilet unit incorporates a built-in handbasin filtering water collected after washing your hands and channelling it to the flushing mechanism below. As our cities become more and more pushed for space and water becomes an increasingly precious commodity, this may well be the toilet of the future.

(Pictured: W+W wall-hung WC and basin)

W+W incorporates washbasin and toilet

Designing around your toilet

Once you have chosen the correct toilet for your tiny bathroom, the other design elements will flow naturally.

Following the philosophy of the wall-hung toilet, keep essential accessories off the ground and attached to the wall with lightweight, elegant toilet roll and toilet brush designs from the Sonata and Hotels collections. For a clean, urban look with flexible storage solutions – a blessing in homes environments where every centimetre counts – the Optica bathroom collection offers a comprehensive choice of furniture options.

To complement your toilet and the rest of your decor, keep your small bathroom’s palette neutral, with perhaps a thoughtful pop of colour here and there or even a lush plant hanging over the cistern. This will coat your bathroom in a soothing aesthetic you will very much want to linger in.

(Pictured: Hotels wall-mounted toilet brush holder in matt black)

Wall-hung accessories are trend in 2023