Install resin shower trays with all the character of rocks that find their place in classic bathrooms and in modern configurations with an industrial inspiration.

Rough but delicately iridescent, with a worn yet secretly resistant look, the slate shower trays are a must in any bathroom thanks to the outstanding features of materials such as Stonex®. In addition to the charisma and sobriety of this greyish stone, Roca resin shower trays also have a pleasant antislip texture, a cut-to-size option and floor-leveled installation. All this with the maximum guarantee of durability, thanks to their resistant and easy-to-clean surfaces, which fit into classic interior designs, but also in industrial-style bathrooms  with an array of colors that challenges the natural palette.

Slate shower trays for classic bathrooms

Used in construction or writing since time immemorial, slate has always been revered for its resilience. This is how this laminated rock can be seen on countless roofs or pavements, showing off its impermeability and hardness.

By greatly increasing the properties of the original stone, Stonex® replicates the shades of slate in antislip shower trays with an incredible technical performance. Conceived to protect you when in contact with water, you will find the mythical bluish black in solutions that recall the traditional ones, but innovating with different dimensions and configuration options.

Choose the Slate finishes of Terran, Aquos or Helios or explore similar colors that will obtain the same effect, such as Cement, Aged Wood or Black. See for yourself that the opacity of their worn look can be combined with walls and bathroom floors or provide a contrast to tiles in lighter shades.

Resin shower trays with a slate effect for modern industrial-style bathrooms

If you decide to renovate the bathroom with an industrial style, grey will not only be present in the shower trays but also in any other element of the interior design. A trend that takes us back to the heyday of the factories of yesteryear and is now in full swing, to the point of being present in such a personal space.

If you wish to leave mechanisms and structures in full view, install slate shower trays with a visible grid. You can also surprise with Stonex® covers that conceal the waste and enhance the charismatic shade of the rock.

Finally, if you wish to differentiate your resin shower tray from the classic ones, do not hesitate to round it out with original frames available in the King Size solutions and in the square formats.