Shower trays that look out for you

Discover the properties of Stonex® and start enjoying a safer shower.

As the shower needs to be a safe space where you can move freely, when you decide to install a new shower tray, go for an antislip solution like the ones manufactured in Stonex®.

Natural and antislip texture

Stonex® is an innovative material made up of minerals and resins with an extraordinary antislip property. This allows you to move safely while you enjoy your shower. Moreover, its textured finish offers a very natural feeling, very pleasant to touch.

Terran shower tray by Roca

Extraslim design

The shower trays manufactured in Stonex® can be installed leveled to the floor, avoiding architectural barriers and irregularities that make it difficult to get in and out of the shower space.

Helios shower tray by Roca


Shower trays like Terran or Helios may be cut to fit the exact size of the shower area, making installation in bathrooms with specific shapes and dimensions much easier.

Terran shower tray by Roca

Resistance and durability

Due to their special formulation, these shower trays are very resistant to wear, to abrasion, to chemical agents and UV light, ensuring that their texture and colour will remain in perfect condition throughout time.

Terran shower tray by Roca