Shower enclosures or for small baths to find the perfect fit.

When you search for shower screens for small bathrooms you seek the maximum functionality in the minimum space, solutions that protect you when you take a bath or shower without becoming a hindrance. Prevent water from splashing out of the bathing area by installing corner or folding screens or fixed panels that will perfectly fit the smallest dimensions.

The renovation of a small bathroom should focus on making the most of each centimeter so that your bathroom routines are not limited by a lack of space. If you have had your own debate between shower tray or bath and you have already reached a decision, the next step would be to think about screen models for small bathrooms which can adapt their dimensions and installation to suit your needs.

If you need a front enclosure, an ideal solution would be folding enclosures. Its panels fold in on themselves not only to facilitate your access but also to leave more space, both inside and outside the showering area. At Roca you will find customized folding enclosures, which contribute to the maximum functionality with the minimum impact.

If you need a corner enclosure, sliding doors are the best option because they allow easy access without taking up any space. Make the most of the possibilities offered by the custom-made models and innovate with solutions such as Naray, with which you will be able to replace the drilling with adhesive when it comes to fixing your enclosure for a small bathroom.

Finally, if you search for a minimalist bath or shower enclosure, fixed panels are both a modern and functional solution because just one panel will allow you to prevent water splashing. Among these enclosures for small bathrooms there are models with clear, fumato or matt glass; and Jade, Jasper or Quartz finishes. And as in many other Roca enclosures, they can feature the Maxiclean® treatment, which makes cleaning easier as it repels water and prevents limescale and dirt from building up.