Seven Essential Accessories for Improving Bathroom Organization

It’s all about the details

Clutter and disorganization are the mortal enemies of the bathroom space. Too often, users go to great lengths to design their ideal bathroom only to allow towels to pile up on the floor, soaps to meld to the countertops and the rest to be crammed into a single overstuffed makeup bag. But a few accessories can turn it all around. With minimal expenditure of time or money, a well-chosen accessory can boost your bathroom’s organization and functionality overnight. The right accessories are not just options, they’re true bathroom essentials.

Towel Rails

Towels and other damp items have a tendency to pile up on floors, on beds, in bidets – generally any place where they will be in the way and incapable of drying properly. It’s important to have a designated space for towels, such as a towel rail, or, for bathrooms with multiple users, a towel rack. Install a heated towel rack to speed the process up even more.


(Pictured: Towel rail in black finish, from Roca’s Hotels Round collection)


Toothbrushes are some of the most used bathroom tools, crucial to any hygienic regimen. Yet in many bathrooms they can be found lying on countertops or scattered on shelves where the bristles mingle chummily with dust and bacteria. Tumblers keep your toothbrushes and toothpastes clean and accessible while matching stylishly with your bathroom décor. Most tumblers can also be wall-mounted to free up counter space.


(Pictured: Wall-mounted tumbler with chrome finish, from Roca’s Hotels Round collection)


Shelves are common in all parts of the house, but are too often seen as off-limits in bathrooms. In reality, they’re perhaps more useful here than almost anywhere else. A bathroom shelf can help keep your makeup organized, your skin-care supplies handy and your phone dry. A few screws are all you need to give your bathroom a major boost in functionality.

(Pictured: Shelf with chrome finish, from Roca’s Hotels Round collection)

Waste Bins

Who among us hasn’t dedicated a Saturday to a deep-clean of the bathroom, only to reward ourselves by allowing a new wave of clutter to pile-up, guilt-free? Waste bins are barely noticeable containers which help keep floors and countertops clear of tissues, contact lenses, Q-tips and the thousand other small articles which dirty our bathroom spaces.

(Pictured: Three-liter waste bin from Roca’s Hotels collection)

Grilled Containers

Showers are a place of rejuvenation, yet even here clutter is at risk of proliferating. A single user might have multiple bottles for soaps, shampoos and conditioners, and with multiple users in the same space the need for organization becomes imperative. Grilled containers keep things tidy and off the floor. Rectangular models fit flat against the wall, and angled versions slot nicely into corners.


(Pictured: Roca’s Hotels grilled container)


Drawers are ideal for creating space in bathrooms. Towels, bottles and small appliances have no better home than inside a vanity unit. Smaller items, however, can be at risk of getting lost amidst the depth of such spacious furniture. Add an interior tray to keep the small items handy and neatly arranged. Trays also work just as well above countertop as they do inside a vanity.

(Pictured: Tray from Roca’s Ona collection in highland green finish)

Toilet Roll Holders

Being able to access toilet paper when you need it is non-negotiable in any bathroom. Too many bathrooms lack a basic toilet roll holder, leaving rolls susceptible to being misplaced or damaged by water. A toilet roll holder is one of the simplest, cheapest and most useful bathroom accessories on the market.



(Pictured: Toilet roll holder with shelf in black finish, from Roca’s Hotels Round collection)

In order for a bathroom to be the stress-free space of relaxation and recuperation it should be, it’s essential that everything be kept well organized. Accessories are the answer. Inexpensive to purchase and dead easy to install, they add instant functionality without sacrificing style. The right accessories are the cherry on top of any well-designed bathroom.