Roca presents a new vitreous china concept for the manufacturing of antislip shower trays.

If you thought it was impossible to enhance a material that has proven its efficiency for centuries, be prepared to discover the Senceramic® vitreous china antislip shower trays. Manufactured in this extraordinary material, they have all hygiene and resistance qualities of traditional vitreous china plus a highly antislip surface when in contact with water. As our history is linked to the expertise in the production of vitreous china, Senceramic® is a turning point in the development of new and improved features for wellbeing in the bathroom.

Resistant, hygienic and durable, Senceramic® reaches its full potential with a new enamel, exclusive at Roca, which is transformed into a textured and antislip layer during the firing process at more than 1,000ºC. This development allows this material to keep all qualities of traditional vitreous china while providing extraordinarily safe shower trays.

Moreover, Senceramic® features a 100% hygienic exterior since, like vitreous china itself, it presents a zero porosity surface that does not absorb humidity and prevents the proliferation of bacteria. This quality guarantees a durable and easy to clean shower tray, since the Senceramic® surface, being as resistant as vitreous china, does not deteriorate when in contact with disinfectant and abrasive substances which are commonly used to clean the bathroom.

As for Roca functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand, this new material is also a commitment to customization. The Senceramic® antislip shower trays can be cut to size to fit into any space and, being extraslim, they allow a floor-leveled installation that reduces the obstacles in the bathroom. Finally, color is also one of the most outstanding features of Senceramic®. Regardless of your style, you will find an antislip shower floor in classic hues like Matt White or Beige, or in more daring colors like Onyx, Coffee or Pearl.