Revamp your routine with these bathroom lighting ideas

The right lighting is an essential feature when designing the modern bathroom

Bathrooms should be oases of peace and wellness, impervious to the troubles of the outside world – spaces where you can focus on relaxation and self-care above all else. To create this, illumination is crucial – yet, while careful consideration is often given to lighting in the rest of the house, bathrooms are all too often hastily equipped with garish overhead lighting which leaves them stripped of all warmth and personality. Fortunately, there are a variety of simple, inexpensive solutions you can introduce that will do wonders for the functionality and ambiance of your bathroom space.


Mirrors with built-in lighting are becoming increasingly popular due to their practicality, striking style and energy efficiency. The forward-facing task lighting gives a flattering light with fewer shadows, making them especially useful for cosmetic tasks such shaving or applying makeup. The bulbs typically come concealed behind a frosted panel to diffuse the light, creating a soft, warm sensation. And many come with built-in demisters, allowing you to enjoy a clear reflection no matter the moment.

(Pictured: Roca’s Luna round mirror with perimetral LED lighting)


Spotlights are another option for mirror lighting. They share many of the advantages as integrated mirror lights, but are attached as an external fixture that sits just above the mirror. These lights make a design statement without overpowering the space, allowing the basin or vanity below to take center stage. Pair it with ambient light fixtures on the sides of the mirror to create a space that’s suave, sophisticated and functional.

(Pictured: Roca’s Starlight LED spotlight)


Even your toilet can contribute to the lighting setup in your bathroom. Nothing is more unpleasant than waking up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and finding yourself faced with the choice of turning on harsh overhead lighting or trying to manage in total darkness. Smart toilets feature soft LED lighting designed to help you navigate such moments with ease, rendering these unenviable dilemmas a thing of the past.


(Pictured: In-Wash® In-Tank® smart toilet from Roca’s Inspira collection)

To breathe new life into your bathroom space, it’s not necessary to do a complete remodel. Thanks to advances in technology and design, simple enhancements such as an upgrade in lighting can do wonders to transform your bathroom with minimal disruption or expense.