Are you one of the few with a huge bathroom? Discover freestanding baths, large shower trays and basins or bathroom furniture prepared to meet all your needs.

The art of integrating spaces is not only measured in small rooms. Renovating a large bathroom can be even a greater challenge. Train your ability to balance volumes and finishes with custom-made basins, double bathroom furniture units, King Size shower trays or freestanding baths for the entire family. When there are no limits, it is time to say goodbye to narrow-mindedness and be ready to think big. Can we help you?

Large shower trays

If you have the privilege of having a spacious bathroom you can forget any restrictions and leave behind any feeling of constriction by installing big shower trays in different materials. With a cut-to-size option and in different colors, you will find the Terran, Helios and Aquos resin shower trays, the Cratos antislip vitreous china models or the pleasant texture of the Modo shower trays, manufactured in Surfex®, Roca’s Solid Surface.

Freestanding baths

In contrast to the popular built-in solutions, freestanding baths are perfect for large spaces as instead of being attached to the wall, they can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. Perfectly combined with the shower tray turn your large bath into the center of attention thanks to the warm touch of Surfex® in Modo and Beyond, to cast iron in the colored finishes of Carmen and Newcast or the light acrylics of Georgia.

Bathroom furniture units with two basins

When the dimensions of the bathroom are no longer a problem, each member of the family can have their own space. Not only their drawer or specific shelf, they can also have their own basin. Innovate with Roca’s largest base unit, available in the Beyond collection, with the hidden divisions of Prisma or with the option of double bowl of Stratum, with an additional power socket and Bluetooth® speakers you can connect to your smartphone.

Custom-made basins

If two basins are not enough, discover how the custom-made basins in Solid Surface seem to have been conceived to renovate your large bathroom. The Modo collection allows you to install up to four bowls with a soft and silky finish that will enchant your guests.