Mirrors with light or with magnifying mirrors that will help you master your daily bathroom routines.

As an endless curve a circle symbolizes eternity, an icon of perfection you will pay tribute to by installing a round bathroom mirror. This absolute line, closed on itself, will provide the balance you are searching for in your bathroom routines. Choose a round model with magnifying mirror or adjustable lighting and find out how easy it is to pamper yourself in front of the mirror.

Iridia: a sophisticated round bathroom mirror with light

Available in two circular dimensions, Iridia is a mirror for bathroom with perimeter lighting that you will be able to customize according to your preferences. Be taken in by the enveloping LED lighting that radiates from its entire circumference and see how easy it is to adjust it by pushing one of its two concealed buttons. Use the other button to comfortably activate the demister device, which will deactivate one hour later if you forget to switch it off.

Play: a practical round mirror with magnifying mirror

Maximum functionality in the Play collection thanks to the mirror with magnifying mirror. As it is also round, you will have a double round bathroom mirror to cover all your needs.

Luna: a minimalistic round bathroom mirror

If you prefer a simple round mirror, the Luna collection offers two different dimensions so that you can choose the one that best adapts to your bathroom.