If you like to stand out even in the simplest gestures, the Pals faucet with joystick will allow you to shape a modern bathroom in which design joins extreme precision. Available in different configurations of basin faucets and also with options for bath and shower, the design of its extremely slim vertical handle fills any bathroom space with character and charm.

Design and precision

Thanks to its strong personality, the straight lines and cylinders of Pals join to shape an ergonomic joystick handle that can be operated effortlessly, with only one finger.

Durability and resistance

To ensure that its soft and precise handling is guaranteed over time, Pals has a protection system around the handle that prevents the filtering of water towards the cartridge. Thus, Roca’s faucet with joystick does not reduce its performance despite the possible buildup of lime and dirt due to its daily use.


Versatility and proposals

Available in two basin heights and also in a built-in version, the Pals basin faucet can be installed with wall-hung, vanity, countertop and over countertop basins. There are also bath and shower proposals and the built-in shower models feature the RocaBox Universal mechanism that allows its installation in walls that are only 7 cm thick.

Efficiency and savings

Pals faucets are equipped with an integrated aerator that limits the water flow to 5 liters per minute. A technology certified by the European Water Label that promotes water savings by minimizing the unnecessary use of resources.

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