Find out a wide range of over countertop kitchen sinks: Roca kitchen sinks in quartz, fire clay or stainless steel that will allow you to try out different combinations and finishes.

As every kitchen is different, it’s not always easy to find the perfect balance in the stove, the cabinets and also in the over countertop kitchen sinks. As you will find that every detail is essential, not only when choosing an interior design style but also an unlimited performance, today we wish to help you to conceive your custom-made kitchen sink. Start by choosing the material, the shape and the size of the bowl; there is always the option of combining it with a second bowl, a colander or even with complements such as baskets or chopping boards. Find out you can customize not only the traditional stainless steel kitchen sinks, but also the rustic fire clay kitchen sinks or the quartz kitchen sinks in innovative finishes. All this to round out your kitchen renovation, helping you to prepare the best dishes and ensuring the success of all your evenings and gatherings.

Over countertop quartz kitchen sinks: modern sinks in three colors with a soft texture

The over countertop kitchen sinks stand out for emerging to the surface to be at your service, and the Quarzex® kitchen sinks are able to catch the eye thanks to the multiple qualities of their innovative finishes. Made up of quartz and resins, you will be able to choose a White, Grey or Black kitchen sink and have a colored kitchen sink with a pleasant texture, and have as well a shock-resistant and heat-resistant solution that prevents bacteria and dampness from building up.

If what you treasure the most in a kitchen sink is its functionality, you can install one single bowl or combine it with a second one or a colander. Increase the possibilities of your kitchen sink by rounding it out with a Syra kitchen faucet and its practical retractable spout. And in order to have everything close at hand, don’t hesitate to add a built-in soap dispenser to your quartz sink to obtain a perfectly integrated ensemble.

Over countertop fire clay sinks: rustic kitchen sinks ideal for vintage kitchens

Maximum hygiene and tradition join in Roca’s fire clay kitchen sinks, which are able to recall the style from another era with glossy white kitchen sinks, very easy to clean, thanks to their zero porosity.

Make the most of the retro inspiration of these vintage kitchen sinks that will perfectly match the Victorian outline of the Carmen kitchen faucets. Choose one or two bowls, or one bowl with colander and opt for a metallic basket or a chopping board with a natural wood texture to provide the perfect finishing touch.

Over countertop stainless steel sinks: the most versatile solution for your kitchen

The popular metallic finish provides maximum resistance and durability in the stainless steel kitchen sinks with an array of different combinations. The most common solution in kitchen refurbishments is also the one offering a greater variety in terms of options, not only with square and rectangular bowls, but also round ones and with one or two bowls.

If you feel like choosing every possible detail of your over countertop kitchen sink, the Roca stainless steel sinks allow you to play with the dimensions of both bowls, making them identical or having one larger than the other to place the food you are preparing. Apart from the colander, you can also add other complements like the rollmat, conceived to easily cut fruit or vegetables on the kitchen sink itself.