At the time of courtship and ballroom dancing, some everyday objects aimed to transmit their beauty, such as the twin-lever faucets that reached their splendor in a vintage basin. Inspired by that attention to detail, Roca recovers today that passion for shapes with period options or modern designs that reinterpret the balance. Discover how the rhythm of the double lever can create its own melody and turn your basin into some sort of stage where harmony is a question of two.

Carmen, trendy vintage faucets

If you decide to go for this new way of understanding rhythm in your bathroom renovation, Carmen offers up to four twin-lever faucet proposals that play with the proportions of your antique basin.

You can choose basin faucets with two star-shaped handles in a model with a standard height or with a sinuous high spout and Victorian edges. If you like to surprise, both the wall-mounted and deck-mounted faucets have three elements (two handles and a spout) that can be integrated into your basin as if they were one single piece.

Loft, twin-lever faucets with an avant-garde flair

Reinterpreting the classic basin twin-lever taps, the Loft collection refines its lines so that its retro-inspired design provides a touch of modernity. The curved star-shaped handles become slim cross-shaped levers, ideal for vintage basins or more contemporary models.

Depending on your preferred position for your Roca faucets, you can integrate spout and handles in one single body or give a special prominence to every element by installing them separately, both wall-mounted or on the deck.